Trioo formulates outdoor advertising

Trioo formulates outdoor advertising 1

Trioo was launched in 2017, by three Media Studies graduates from Christ University, Siddharth Dangi(25), Muhammad Raziulla(26), and Surya Kannan(26). Trioo known to be a digital advertising platform in the local transportation sector, enables local businesses and brands to link with commuters by advertising through tablet computers, set up in auto rickshaws. The founder of Trioo began the company with 10 lakh of investment from their savings as well as from their former classmate at Christ University, Mohit Sadarangani, and mentor Rajesh Dangi, a technology evangelist and CTO of NxtGen Infinite Data Centre. Trioo stood to digitalise outdoor advertising and make advertisements travel with the customers.

Siddharth claimed in a report, “Alternate outdoor advertising solutions were the need of the hour when Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) banned advertisement hoardings in the city a few months ago. We are providing alternative public sector advertising, and the first step is via autorickshaws.” Siddharth further stated, “It costs about Rs 25 lakh for outdoor advertising in Indiranagar area in Bengaluru. We wanted to build an option that costs just two percent of it.” The startup also supported emergency services like blood donation, social campaigns, etc. It is functioning with the Karnataka government to empower auto drivers with subsidised insurance policy. The drivers also maintain the recorded details, including the commuter’s gender, area of pick up, and the number of trips on the Trioo app installed on their phones. This aids Trioo with sensing their customer’s base and strategising accordingly.

“People travel for hours daily in metro cities. Instead of hoardings, their means of commute is a better option to catch their attention, and hence auto rickshaws. Commuters are often bored at traffic blocks, and this will get their attention. We are looking to automate the content updating, so that they can upload themselves (and we will do due verification),” said Siddharth. “Sometimes brands do big campaigns and position themselves for peak times. Say, if they want 25 lakh impressions in five days, we dedicate 50 auto rickshaws for their content alone,” reportedly exclaimed Siddharth.

He also further added that some clients sign up for a year and level up their content according to occasional swaps. “A large number of hoardings does not mean a lot of visibility for your brand. Even those placed strategically cannot guarantee that a high number of people see it. But traditional enterprises, especially the non tech-savvy ones, think of it as an essential strategy. It will take some time to change this mindset,” pointed Siddharth. “We wish to be an affordable digital dissemination platform, not just an advertising platform. Content is the king today, and we will soon introduce entertainment content in addition to advertising.”

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