Truecaller Launches Live Caller ID for iPhone Users

Truecaller Launches Live Caller ID for iPhone Users 1

Truecaller made an introduction of its new service for iPhone users in India called live caller ID. As the name implies, this feature makes the identification of the caller on the screen. Truecaller is a Stockholm-based firm that has around 38 million users. On Android phones, if users receive an unknown call from a stranger, Truecaller displays the caller’s identity on the calling screen immediately. These things function differently on the iPhone. When the user receives a call from an unknown number on an iOS device, te user have to activate Siri to track the caller ID. They have to mention, ‘Hey Siri, Search Truecaller,’ and Siri will display the user’s live caller ID.

The Live Caller ID is a premium feature on the Truecaller app and iPhone, and to utilization these features the users will need to buy a premium subscription. In India, TrueCaller offers two subscription tiers that are Premium and Gold Premium. An individual member’s premium subscription costs Rs. 529 per year whereas a Gold plan costs Rs. 5,000 per year.

Truecaller has become one of the most popular applications among smartphone users. Truecaller data was allegedly comprised of details which have been collected without consent. The Swedish firm refuted the charges and guaranteed that the research was defective and is based on erroneous information.

As per the report, Nakul Kabra, the product director for iOS-based Truecaller has mentioned that the app has had limited experience with iOS devices. This is all because of the fact that how Apple works with external third-party caller ID apps.

Truecaller’s current call-identification framework is currently limited to a finite set of numbers that are kept in directories in Apple’s CallKit framework and are selected by Truecaller’s spam algorithm.

To facilitate the planned live caller ID experience, the system makes the utilization of Apple’s Siri Shortcuts and App Intents.

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