Turbostart offering early-stage startups a chance to secure up to $1mn in funding

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Turbostart offering early-stage startups a chance to secure up to $1mn in funding 1

Turbostart, an early-stage global startup fund and accelerator, focusing on seed to Pre Series A level startups, has announced the opening of its global cohort. Accepting applications from startups worldwide, Turbostart is sector-agnostic while focusing on technology-driven ventures. With a presence in key regions including India, USA, MEA, and Singapore, Turbostart serves as the ideal platform for startups seeking not only funding but more importantly access to international markets and business acceleration services. Following a meticulous selection process, Turbostart is set to provide selected startups with funding opportunities of up to $1 million, along with structured support for each of the selected startups. 


The application window for startups to participate in the cohort opened on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, on Turbostart’s official website

As opposed to many traditional accelerators and funds that offer short-term engagements and one-size-fits-all mentorship, Turbostart provides tailored business support and sustained over a long period (based on the needs of the company). Turbostart prides itself on being an integral partner of its investee startups and leverages its extensive network and diverse talents to help accelerate startup journeys. This collaborative approach empowers startups to swiftly validate their concepts, expand their operations, and benefit from strategic interventions, to achieve fast and sustainable growth. 

Over the past four years, Turbostart has closed four rounds of funding, totaling $50 million. They have carefully selected around 40 startups from over 6,000 applications spanning 30+ countries and 15+ sectors. These include startups in the edtech, healthtech, fintech, e-commerce, AI and ML, renewables sector. 

Ganesh Raju, Founder and CEO, Turbostart said, “We believe that innovation knows no boundaries, and great businesses can emerge from any corner of the world. With our global expansion, we at Turbostart are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, where promising startups can thrive. We empower visionary entrepreneurs, regardless of their location, by providing them with the necessary resources, guidance, mentorship, and global market access required to successfully scale their businesses. Turbostart’s expansion marks a significant step towards creating a truly interconnected and vibrant network, whose support transcends geographical limitations and removes hurdles one may face. As India’s startup story unfolds further, innovating for the world will be the mantra to follow and practice.”

Turbostart’s comprehensive selection process encourages startups across global regions to apply, involving meticulous curation of top applications by the team, multiple evaluation rounds of the curated startups led by the internal investment committee, culminating in a final round with the global investment committee. This process is followed by a rigorous due diligence procedure, comprising thorough audits and analyses, ultimately leading to the successful deal signing.

To aid the growth of startups, Turbostart provides consistent, tailor-made support and guidance through its extensive ecosystem of seasoned investors, advisors, and six Centers of Excellence (COEs). Their six COEs, led by hands-on domain experts, propel key areas where startups require significant support not only in terms of strategy but also execution. 

Turbostart annually identifies and nurtures high-potential startups from all corners of the globe. With their unique model and hands-on approach, Turbostart operates as both a fund and accelerator, with a presence across the globe. 

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