Twitter Alternatives: Here Are the Top Platforms Users Are Moving To

By Srikanth
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After purchasing Twitter Inc. privately for $44 billion, around Rs. 3,37,465 crore, Elon Musk has initiated changes to the social media platform that have been imposed on some users. The users are seeking alternative platforms. Musk made several changes to the feature of Twitter that includes charging for user verification, along with his opinions on content moderation. Musk also posted partisan tweets in which he has been asking the people about the “independent-minded voters” to vote Republican in the US midterm elections that were held on Tuesday. By this, he is stepping into the country’s political debate, unlike other top executives at major tech firms that have largely avoided commenting on these issues.


Here are some of the platforms that can be used as an alternative to Twitter:


Mastodon was launched in the year 2016. Mastodon is open-source software for a decentralized social network inherited with several features similar to Twitter. The platform is free of advertisements and has a 500-character limit, along with the quality of custom emojis.


Cohost is an ad-free social media platform. Those posts created on the platform fall in a timeline that goes vertically, similar to Twitter. As per the mention made by the company, it is said that the platform will charge “a few bucks a month” and will soon take tips and is going to sell the subscriptions.

Truth Social

Truth Social is also one of the famous social media platforms founded by former US President Donald Trump. Truth Social is a platform favoured by conservatives. The platform is recently launched on Apple Inc’s iOS and Google-owned Android.

Truth Social is currently available to users sitting in the United States.

Tribal Social

Tribal Social is a self-described “grassroots social network” available on Apple’s App Store and Android.

Tribal Social is the platform that allows users to target an audience to enhance engagement on posts and guarantees to find experts on discussion topics.


Parler is a Nashville-based social media platform which has facilitated the platform to the commoner to sell itself to the rapper formerly known as Kanye West. The platform is popular with US conservatives.

Parler was founded in 2018. The hands-off approach of Parler to content moderation has made it popular among users who disagree with the policies of Meta Platform Inc’s Facebook and Twitter.


Tumblr is a social media website that was launched in 2007. The platform allows users to post long-form blog-style content with media elements that include photos and GIFs.

Tumblr also permits its users to chat with each other, which is quite similar to the feature of Twitter’s direct messaging function.


The platform, Clubhouse, hosts live audio chatrooms, which became popular at the pandemic’s peak. The Clubhouse is an application that allows users to chat with people worldwide in the “Rooms”. Room is where someone can start an audio chatroom and discuss topics as per their interest.

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