Twitter begins rolling out a $7.99 Twitter Blue plan with verification

Twitter begins rolling out a $7.99 Twitter Blue plan with verification 1

Twitter has recently announced an update for its iOS app users. As per the introduction, the new revamped Twitter Blue subscription that new owner and CEO Elon Musk have been promoting through his tweets. One of the most exciting parts of the feature is that Twitter Blue subscribers will automatically get a blue checkmark badge on their profiles. This blue checkmark was previously utilized by the verified accounts of corporates, celebrities, and public figures. Now, the “blue tick” will be something Twitter will charge its users.

As per the updates of the iOS app, the new ‘Twitter Blue with verification’ will be primarily available in countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The price of Twitter Blue has risen to $7.99 per month in the US. Previously the amount was $4.99, and Musk has indicated that this will rise in the near future to increase the purchasing power in other countries.

Besides the blue verification badge, Twitter Blue subscribers can also visualize half as many ads. The release notes have also mentioned that the subscribers can post longer videos, and their content will be ranked higher in search results, reply threads, and other factors. The idea has been dropped regarding the ability to read articles on participating sites ad-free as a Twitter Blue feature despite the price increase. The suggestion, enlisted by Musk, says that the ability to edit tweets will soon be available to everyone, regardless of only Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter app gradation is now visible in the App Store. An account claims that Twitter is an “early stage products” employee, though notably lacking a verification badge. According to a tweet, the new Blue subscription plan has yet to be made life, as tests are running concerning the changes being pushed live in a rush to get it launched sooner. Various other tweets have also been tweeted by attaching screenshots of the Twitter Blue sign-up page. The thoughts still need to be clarified about when or whether the plan will launch in other countries and when the users on other platforms will be able to sign up for the same.

There needs to be an indication of what will happen to current Twitter Blue subscribers. While the company characterizes current and potential subscribers as “supporting Twitter in the battle against the bots”, this change will maintain the balance of exposure on the platform in favour of those willing to pay for it. It is assumed that everyone who currently has a verification badge and does not choose to pay the subscription fee will lose it. This makes it harder to find authoritative sources of information.

Musk has wasted no time making dramatic changes to turn his investment around. Remarkably, Musk initially proposed a $20 fee of approximately Rs. 1,639 for the widely recognized verification tick. Although he also mentioned that behind the task, he has an objective to reduce the spam accounts from the platform and make it harder for bots to thrive.

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