Twitter Blue Verification Subscription ‘Probably’ Coming Back Next Week, Elon Musk

By Srikanth
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Twitter Blue Verification Subscription is expected to come back end of next week, as mentioned by the billionaire owner Elon Musk. On Friday, the microblogging service paused its recently introduced $8 blue check subscription service. This occurred as fake accounts mushroomed. The blue check mark was previously reserved for verifying the statements of politicians, famous personalities, journalists, and other famous individuals. But a subscription option is opened for those who are prepared to pay the charge earlier this week to help Twitter grow revenue as Musk fights to retain advertisers.


Several users have reported that the new subscription option for the blue verification check mark has disappeared.

Twitter has combated impersonation by adding an ‘Official’ label to some accounts with the “official” tag.

Initially, the label was introduced on Wednesday, but just hours later, it was “killed” by Musk.

In the first companywide email, Musk warned that Twitter would be unable to survive the upcoming economic downturn if Twitter failed to boost subscription revenue to offset falling advertising income.

According to Yoel Roth, Twitter’s response to combat hate speech, misinformation, and spam on the service is resigned. Roth described himself over his Twitter handle as the “Former Head of Trust & Safety” of the company.

Musk marked his words by saying that the users of Twitter are engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying it as a “parody” account will be permanently suspended without caution or warning. Several fake brand accounts, including Nintendo and BP, have been arrested.

Some companies, including General Motors and United Airlines, have paused or pulled back from advertising on the platform. The motive of Musk behind the action is to turn Twitter into a force for truth and stop fake accounts.

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