Twitter Elon Musk’s low price quote expectations

Twitter Elon Musk's low price quote expectations 1

A reduced price for Twitter may not be “out of the question,” Elon Musk announced on Monday with Parag Agrawal, the CEO of the social media giant, over spam accounts. Over 50 years old, billionaires have put this deal amount of $44 billion on hold over spam users, activating the unreliability of the account users. This has been recorded as one of the most closely looked at takeovers in the technology world.

At the Miami conference, which was held on Monday, Elon Musk said: At present, as per his information, there’s no way to know the statistics of bots. Just like an unknowable human soul. He reportedly estimated that these users could be invested at least 20 % as he even took a swing, saying the number could be as high as 90 %. The conference came to an end when a reporter revealed that a live feed of the conference was seemingly leaked on social media by one of the attendees.

The CEO of the company, Twitter, became more active last week after a cloud was emitted over the deal. On the same day, the 37-year-old person started threading, saying: “Let’s have a word about spam. And begin it with the benefit of data, facts, and context….”

The team at Twitter has also removed lots of spam accounts every day before any of you even see them on the Twitter channel. We also lock millions of accounts every week that are supposed to be spam accounts – if in case the accounts can’t pass human verification steps like- captchas, phone verification, and more.

The toughest challenge faced by the team was to track many accounts which looked fraudulent superficially but were actually real holders. And some of the most dangerous spam accounts, which seem to be genuine ones but, in reality, were causing harm to the surface.

However, this Twitter thread has given birth to comments from none other than the CEO Musk himself. “So how do advertisers come to know what they’re getting in return for their money? This is basic to the financial health of Twitter, Musk replied to one of the posts. Whereas to some other posts, he simply replied with a poop emoji.

Twitter shares fell down to 8% at $37.39 on Monday. Musk, on April 14, had offered to buy the social network at $54.20 per share.

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