Twitter tests Bitmoji integration for profile image

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Nowadays, Twitter Bitmoji integration is in its testing phase, which will permit its users to display their Bitmoji character as their Twitter profile image.


Twitter is integrating the testing of its latest characteristics. To showcase the Bitmoji character as their profile picture for Twitter, the new feature was inherited. The platform is facilitating its users with another option for using their virtual avatars as a representation of themselves. The testing of image upload flow is seen in this image tweeted by application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi who is presently featuring an “Add Bitmoji” option to link your Bitmoji account.

Twitter Bitmoji integration is testing.

This latest feature will also interlink your Twitter profile to Snapchat. This connection would essentially facilitate a direct link between your Snapchat profile, where you get the facility to design your Bitmoji character or Twitter profile picture. This is the first-ever chance where the two platforms are collaborating on direct integration of this sort. The mentioned two platforms are always used to compete in a competitive market; this is an intriguing situation in terms of competitiveness. However, Twitter does not currently have its own native avatar creation capabilities. Thus, the connection with Bitmoji represents that it is relying on Snap’s character creation tools to enable another way of expression with your Twitter presence.

Snapchat has constantly been working to build its Bitmoji characters into a larger part of the in-app experience, even developing a line of branded Bitmoji clothes to give users additional opportunities to express themselves as a live character in the application. Here it is determined that the consumers will learn to get dependent upon these digital caricatures as another way of expressing themselves on social platforms. And as we get inside the insights of the metaverse future, when all of the users will get converted into digital characters, perhaps users will become fond of their Bitmoji characters enough to adopt them as their primary digital avatars. Further, these avatars would be utilized throughout these new and immersive locations.

That is the reason why Twitter feels it is a great initiative or steps ahead in spreading them t in terms of strengthening that connection and affinity with the depiction. The following statement is mentioned by the global platform Twitter to SocialMediaToday.

Twitter always takes great initiative to explore new ways for people to express themselves on the platform. They have not mentioned further details to share at this time.

This is the only area where Twitter is looking in the world. Worldwide, the users of Twitter are increasingly utilizing weird images of monkeys, goblins, and other cartoon characters as their profile images on the application. Bitmoji integration seems to make a lot of sense of change and transformation. It might be proven as another step toward the metaverse and a future in which we connect in entirely new ways.

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