Dedicated Server? Understanding Different Types of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server? Understanding Different Types of Dedicated Servers 1

While most web owners and traders start with a Shared Hosting service for their ventures, certain limitations and circumstances might nudge them into looking outwards for other, more personalized services. These limitations could arise from a growth in business which leads to greater traffic, concerns for greater security and control, or simply just a need for greater flexibility.

In such a scenario, then, they may find themselves in need of a Dedicated Server. However, there are various such servers to choose from, and each tailors itself to specific needs and wants. This may create dilemmas for customers since the types of Dedicated Servers can range from cheap ones that cater to individual entrepreneurs to more high-end servers required for processing data analytics, etc.

In this article, we will be looking at the different types of Dedicated Servers and attempt to understand the differences between them.

Cheap/Standard Dedicated Servers

The main aim of these servers is to increase website response time, and their need arises from greater traffic and content within a website which may slow it down or introduce bugs. Since shared hosting or VPS cannot provide great leverage in utilizing a server’s resources, such Dedicated Servers serve small-to-medium-sized businesses and individual developers who require greater reliability and stability in performance.

On the Beeks LD4 Data Centre, such servers can be classified as both the Emerald and the Ruby options. The Ruby option has greater RAM and SSD storage than the Emerald option and is thus more resourceful and much faster; hence, this option suits medium-sized businesses while individual developers would be very content with the Emerald package.

Enterprise Dedicated Servers

These servers are more so configured for large business enterprises and traders. These are not only built for maximum reliability, security, stability, and performance but are also very easily customizable in terms of CPU, RAM, SSD, and more. There is a need for such servers within large business entities to handle analytics and databases and applications, and other such ventures.

However, the spec for an entry-level Dedicated Server of this kind requires a RAM of up to 1TB and is hence not very suitable for small-to-medium business owners or developers. On the Beeks LD4 Data Centre, such servers are priced at a reasonable £420 per month, and can be classified as the Diamond option. With its 32GB RAM and Hexa Core 3.5 GHZ CPU, this package delivers on all the requirements of a major business enterprise or trading authority aiming to utilize the digitalized future to its advantage.

High-Performance Dedicated Servers

These high-end Dedicated Servers are used for scientific computation and big data analytics. Not only are these essential for the scientific field of Artificial Learning (AI) and Machine Learning (MI), but this category of Dedicated Hosting also configured GPU hardware from manufacturers such as AMD and NVIDIA.

Various governments and public bodies such as universities utilize these GPUs for analyzing data about all varieties of research purposes, ranging from projects in space to new biomedical discoveries. Owing to their massive size, spec requirements, and cost, such servers are usually leased for use and not bought directly.


The article above provided a brief overview of the different types of Dedicated Servers and the scale within which each operates. To summarize, we have standard dedicated servers which developers and small-to-medium businesses and entrepreneurs use to adapt to their increased traffic and security concerns organically.

Then the Enterprise Dedicated Servers, which are used by Data Centres such as the Beeks LD4 to connect different marketplaces, protect trade and web infrastructure, and are used mainly by big businesses, which can draw upon the resources of the server to conduct their bulky trade transactions. Lastly, we also have High-Performance servers which are used for scientific computation and large-scale research projects.

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