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UKTVNOW lets you stream desired content online for free

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Would you like to spend your free time watching some interesting stuff such as Movies, Popular TV Shows without spending a single penny? you have come to the right page. UKTVNow is an Android application which is the primary source for thousands of free streaming sources for Movies, Live Sports, Live TV and stuff like that.

Uktvnow is a free app where you can get easy access to thousands of movies from various sources which are purely genuine. Plan yourself to catch the Action Movies, Comedy Movies, Romantic Movies, Popular TV Shows, Serials, Series, Special Shows, etc. If you are a Sports lover; you can stream everything live.

All you have to make sure is an Android smartphone which has a minimum of 50 MB free space to install the app. We will guide you with the download and installation of UKTVNow App on your Android device with this tutorial today.

Features Of UKTVNow App

Authentic Sources:

UKTVNow App has various authentic sources for all your entertainment requirements. If you wish to access any movie or content of that kind; it will fetch the right server for you. So that you can watch all the stuff without any kind of issues and struggles; especially no streaming issues.

Wide Variety of Stuff:

UKTVNow App is the only destination if you wish to make your free time more meaningful. Add colours to your entertainment with the stuff you like from various categories such as Horror, Action, Romantic, Comedy, Kids, Cartoons, Anime, Live Sports, Live TV, etc.


Switching streams between devices such as Chromecast, Kodi, Firestick is never so easy until UKTVNow enters the field. No matter what kind of a movie or a video you would love to watch, you can stream it to your devices such as Chromecast or Amazon Firestick or Kodi as well. This way, you may not need a cable connection to your TV.


The easy search option is the best tool that finds your favorite stuff according to the search query you use. Search for the TV or Movie or a Video; start watching it immediately and literally without any kind of delays.


If you like any video; just bookmark it to add it to your favorites list. So you never miss anything this way; you can have a better list of all your favorite shows and movies that you can access anytime.

Let’s hop into the actual tutorial where you will be guided to download and install uktvnow apk on your Android smartphone.

How to Install UKTVNow App on Your Android Smartphone/Tablet

UKTVNow App is not a zip package and you don’t require any booting software such as TWRP or Magisk Manager. It’s just an APK File and you can install it on your Android device easily. But you cannot download it from Google Play as it is not available there. But don’t worry, we have got you an official website where you can download uktvnow apk for all Android devices.

Important Settings: Open Settings App on your Android device. Go to Lock Screen and Security, scroll down and choose “Unknown Sources”. Make sure it is turned ON; else, turn it ON.

If you don’t make those changes on your Android device you can’t install any apk from non-google play app stores. Here goes the instructions; follow them.

  1. Download and Save UKTVNow Apk on your Android device.
  2. Go to Downloads folder.
  3. Tap the UKTVNow Apk file and the installation wizard will be open up.
  4. Click “Install” and tap “Next” as instructed in the installation wizard. Please wait while the installation is going on; please do not close it.
  5. Once the installation is over; you will be greeted with installation is finished message, Tap “Open” to open up the app.

You have now installed UKTVNow App on your Android smartphone. The installation instructions are same for Android Tablets and Notebooks as well. Open up the app make sure the internet connection is active; explore all your favourite stuff and spend your time watching them.

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