Union Housing Ministry Launches AAINA Dashboard for City Data

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Union Housing Ministry Launches AAINA Dashboard for City Data

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has just launched something big. It is the ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities’. This new thing is not going away. It is here to stay and will be the main spot for all sorts of info about every city in India.


What is cool about ‘AAINA Dashboard for Cities’ is that it wants to create a strong database with important info about Urban Local Bodies (ULBs). And here is the interesting part. Everyone involved in city affairs can access it and once there is enough info, it will be open for everyone to check, as said in an official statement.

Now, any city’s Urban Local Body (ULB) can join in. They can share their important data regularly using a simple and easy form on the portal.

The dashboard is like a summary of five important things and these are like how the city is run, the money side of things, the plans in place, how much the city cares about its people and how well it provides basic services.

This AAINA Dashboard has some goals. It helps cities see how they are doing compared to others. It gives them ideas for improvement and lets them connect with cities that are doing great.

To add information to the dashboard, the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) just need to log in and share their data including the money they have spent and how well they have performed. This is a big move to share what is happening in cities, team up and make smart choices for how cities grow in the future in India. The AAINA Dashboard for Cities is like a helpful guide to make our cities better!

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