Unleashing Power of Blockchain in AI Ethics

In tech, AI needs good data. Blockchain protects data integrity.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Unleashing the Power of Blockchain in AI Ethics

In today’s technology world, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a super-smart friend or assistant to help us in a plethora ways. But did you know that AI’s success depends a lot on the quality and fairness of the data it uses? That is where blockchain comes in and it is like a strong shield for data integrity as well as ethics.


Blockchain is like a secret diary that records every single thing that happens, but in a way that nobody can change or erase. This makes data highly trustworthy as we can always check where it came from and how it has been handled.

Think about your favorite recipe, the one you love sharing with friends. You want it to taste the same every time, right? Well, blockchain helps with that. It keeps your recipe exactly as you made it, so no one can change it.

Blockchain not only keeps data true but also helps AI get smarter. It is like opening a huge library for AI, with lots of different books and ideas. This variety helps AI learn from many experiences.

Moreover, blockchain makes sure that AI plays by the rules. Just like a referee in a game, it ensures that everyone follows fair play. This is important for privacy and security to ensure nobody’s rights get hurt.

But hold on, there’s something extra! Blockchain doesn’t just promise; it delivers. It does lots of tasks automatically and makes things simpler for everyone. This means less stress about data issues and more time to improve AI.

Sure, blockchain and AI aren’t magic wands that solve everything. They face challenges such as working well together and not using too much energy.

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