Unlimit Enters into a Strategic Partnership with Dynamic Cloud


Reliance Group, Unlimit Internet of Things Service provider revealed that it now partnering with Saudi Arabia based IT service firm Dynamic Cloud to deliver the solutions in the region of the Middle Eastern part.

The company revealed in a joint statement that the partnership that will not only help to serve the customers in the Saudi Arabia region and Bahrain but also in some of the developing countries like the India and others.

“Our joint efforts will accelerate our goal of expanding in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain,” said Pradeep Sreedharan, senior vice president of sales and business operations at Unlimit.

The President of the Dynamic Cloud, Ali-Qaraawi, said the partnership will target both the private sectors and governments in the region.

This year in February, Unlimit has also launched an end to end monitoring platforms for the logistics industry. The solution which is called by the name as Tracksuite, aims to help the companies, track, secure, analyze and ensure the productivity of vehicle fleets, warehouses and cargo by reading the data points such as driving behavior, security, route taken and maintenance of temperature.

“Typically, the transport and logistics sectors work efficiently if connectivity, scheduling, compliance, and security are well aligned – and this is exactly what Tracksuite does,” Jürgen Hase, chief executive officer of Unlimit, had said.

In September 2018, Unlimit had partnered with the state telecom service provider BSNL for its wireless network in order to expand its solutions for the customers of India.


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