Unlocking telecoms with machine learning and AI

Unlocking telecoms with machine learning and AI

AI is something that has come to be used to the advantage of many organizations, along with IoT, with one of the noted brands to take the advantage of AI and IoT for boosting the competitive edge. Total Access Communication has its focus on the improvement of customer service.

DTAC Profile

DTAC which is the third-biggest provider of mobile phones in Thailand, has 23.2 m subscribers, with its market share being 30%. It has earned the title of the top mobile operator in Thailand thrice.

Focus of DTAC

DTAC primarily wants to be a telecom company that’s friendly towards its customers, and has a system in place for continuous progress. This includes initiatives of digital transformation, which in turn, makes use of Ai, as well as IoT devices. According to Piero Trivellato who led the digital sales division of the company, Machine Learning, as well as AI, have the ability to unlock great potential for providing better service to their customers. They have embraced such technology completely, and use them in online marketing. They have also started testing AI to begin chatbots for customer service.

Advantages of Chatbots

Chatbots have become common when it comes to customer care. They interact with the customers, allowing them to get faster service and guidance. Their queries also get solved much quicker. It is also helpful for the operators to log the calls and perform analyses of these records and results using digital service, which allows their tasks to become more streamlined. Analytics of big data can be utilized for the improvement of service with the help of better understanding of the queries of the common customers.

One application utilizes Machine Learning, for accessing the best call package for the usage of individual customers. Static algorithm gets utilized for this, and as time passes, the ML manages to learn to pick the packages best suited for the different customers. The process helps to make things much easier for call operators besides the reduction of difficulty for the customers as they shift through various call packages.

Plans Regarding Applications of IoT

When it comes to applications of IoT, the company is getting ready to let its customers use devices that are more connected, and this calls for more progressed networks, in order to maintain pace. In the process of this preparation, a core network that is visualized has even rolled out by the company. This allows them to measure the capacity of the network, in a much quicker and more efficient manner.


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