Upgrading your infrastructure with the hybrid cloud

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If you are thinking whether to move all your data into the cloud or not and you still are in dilemma, then you can figure out your needs by the end of this post. You already have a ton of servers and IT staff working to maintain the balance and also you want to increase or scale up your services but you don’t want to invest more. You also don’t want to throw all your costly servers and fire all your IT staff just so you are using Cloud services. These are the usual concerns for a business trying to move their data to a cloud service like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Cloud is a great way to optimize your business and customize your needs. But what do you do when you have infrastructure already up and running. If you are a start-up then you can host everything through cloud. What if you are an established corporate business?

Usually your System Admin might duct tape your local or private cloud to your public cloud using some kind of networking but it is not robust and prone to security issues. Instead you can use a Hybrid Cloud.

What is Hybrid cloud?

Hybrid Cloud offers both security and compliance rules that a private cloud offers and a scalability and efficiency that a public cloud offers. That is literally best of the both worlds. You don’t have to worry about firing your IT staff anymore. These two cloud networks seamlessly communicate with each other and serve whatever you need.

Should I move to Hybrid Cloud?

If you are sure that your business needs scalable approach besides the original infrastructure you already have, then yes. Upgrading your infrastructure to the Hybrid Cloud is the best way to reduce cost of buying new equipment and still have the flexibility and security.

You can choose some of your servers and upload them to cloud by virtually creating instances in the cloud servers called Virtual Machines. You can group them into database servers and some other type of servers and establish network rules and group policies seamlessly.

How do I make sure my data is safe in a Hybrid Cloud?

You can start by prioritizing which servers are crucial to your business and which are not. Those are less important can be uploaded to the cloud and those servers which are essential can be kept in a private cloud. Through Hybrid Cloud architecture these two servers can talk or communicate easily. It is very easy to maintain the system when everything is a part of it. You can apply a security rule and it replicates to all the client systems and servers inside the network or cloud. Thus, keeping your Network safe and secure from any kind of threats. Since your IT team is always monitoring your hybrid cloud network it is very unlikely to have a data breach.

In all honesty, Hybrid Cloud is the only way to retain your preowned technology and still have the flexibility of cloud. You can use Cloud Bursting when you need more bandwidth or server space.


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