US Implements Ban on AI-Generated Voice Robocalls

The US is tackling fake calls from computer-generated voices to prevent scams. The FCC is on it to protect people.

By Sunil Sonkar
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US Implements Ban on AI-Generated Voice Robocalls

United States has decided to stop fake phone calls made by computers that sound like real people. These calls have been causing trouble by tricking people into giving away their money or personal information.


The government agency in charge, called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), is taking this seriously. They know that these fake calls can pretend to be someone you trust like a family member or even a famous person like the President. This can make people do things they would not usually do like sharing their bank information or voting differently.

By stopping these fake calls, the FCC is telling the people making them that they can’t do it anymore. They can now punish companies that use fake voices in their calls and even stop the companies that help them make these calls. This is important because it helps keep the phone calls honest and secure.

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks is concerned that these fake calls might mess up elections. Imagine getting a call that sounds like it is from a political leader, but it is not really them. This could make people vote in the wrong way and that is not fair. So, the ban helps keep the voting rights safe and ensures that elections are fair as well as truthful.

Even though the ban is a good start, it is not over yet. The government agencies, tech companies and phone companies need to watch out for scams and figure out how to stop them.

In brief, it can be said that the US ban on fake phone calls made by computers is a good thing and it proves that the government cares about the safety of people as well as wants to stop scams.

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