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US release it’s Supercomputer after China’s record

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The world’s most powerful Supercomputer is out now by the US Department’s Energy Oak’s Ridge National Laboratory at Tennessee. The name of the supercomputer is ‘summit’ it has most efficient computing processor of 200 petaflops or can calculate  200 million billion calculation in just second. These qualities are making this computer more faster than any other laptop.

Summit from US has now beaten China’s Sunway TaihuLight which had 93 petaflops and this makes clear sense that Summit is 60% more faster than TaihuLight. Summit is seven times faster than Titan which was holding pervious record for US at Oak  Ridge National Laboratory at Tennessee.

You can guess the immense power of Summit where Summit can solve problem in just one hour on the other hand other computing devices take 30 years to solve the same problem. This milestone in the area of computing US has come up in the front among top 500 supercomputers around the globe.

Powered by six Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs and also two  22- core IBM Power 9 chips.  Summit took many years to develop and it is made up of several chips. Summit is little big in size with 4,608 servers,Summit takes atleast  the size of two tennis courts and its weight can be of a commercial aircraft.

Summit consumes power to run 8, 100 homes and 4,000 gallons  of water for cooling.

Summit is made up of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which makes it first  supercomputer with neural network, handle machine learning, AI applications. It also have many thousands of chips from IBM and Nvidia who can handle demanding tasks, medical pictures to unveil the cause of disease and decoding heavy  bundles of reports.

Taking example  it is capable to analyse big data, medical reports and images to identify  the unknown reason for disease.


In the year 2013, a Centre for Development of Advanced Computing at Pune launched India’s most powerful supercomputer named ‘Param Yuva-II’ which have the ranking 62 in the list of World’s fastest supercomputer. This supercomputer was the 8th series of among Param which was developed in 1991.

By June 2017 India has its  four supercomputers in the list of top500 supercomputers ranking. In the year 2013 February, Indian got 8th position in the world for having number  of supercomputers developments and also have 9 fastest computers including  Param  Yuva- II.

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