Using AI to explain religious conflict

The American Scientist has now developed an Artificial Intelligence system which can help in better understand which helps in triggering the religious violence.

The study which has been revealed in the report for the Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, which is mostly focused on two cases of the extreme violence, firstly it is the conflict commonly known as the Northern Ireland Troubles which is much now regarded as one of the most violent periods in the Irish Industry.

The conflict which is involving the British Army and some of the various Republican and Loyalist primarily groups which is spanned across the three decades has now claimed that the lives of the approximately 3500 people and also saw a further 47000 injured.

Some of the researchers from Oxford University in the UK and Boston University in the US which also shows that people are a peaceful species by nature.

The research as of now does not explicitly violence, but apart from that instead on the condition which enabled two specific periods of the social anxiety, that then escalated to the extreme physical violence.

Moreover, the research suggests that the anxiety led to the violence to 20% of the scenarios which is created, as of now all of which were triggered by people from either outside of the group, or within going against the group core identity and belief.

The team programmed these rules for the cognitive interactions with their only Artificial Intelligence programme, to show how a person belief match up with a group of situation.

“Artificial intelligence can help us to better understand the causes of religious violence and to potentially control it,” researchers said.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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