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Vehicle screens go super-sized at CES

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Now let’s have a look at a glance of the vehicle which is shown at the CES, and you could be forgiven for thinking you are at the movies.

“This is not the science fiction” revealed the head of Byton, an electric vehicle startup, onstage earlier this week at the global technology conference in Las Vegas. CEO and Chairman Carsten Breitfeld was referring to the jaw-dropping, 48-inch screen inside the Chinese funded company M Byte Car.

Byton vehicle will not be built until later this year. But it is a super-sized display, which is even supplied by the China BOE Technology Group, which is also providing an undeniable trend in the world of automotive, fueled by the rise of more connected cars.

“The screens are the window to the digital world,” said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer for Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz’s parent. “Screens are the new horsepower.”

The 2019 Mercedes EQC crossover features two 10.25 inch displays behind the glass surface which is even forming a free-standing screen.

It is not just the futuristic electric and luxury vehicles that are even upping the size ante. Fiat Chrysler 2019 RAM 1500 truck boasts a 12-inch vertical display in its entire dashboard.

Nowadays care makers are also working on adding a rearview mirror display to project images from arear facing camera, while “heads up display” were some of the projected images on the windshield to impart the valuable information to the driver, are an exploding market.

“We’re living in a display-centered world,” said Brian Rhodes, Connected Car Research Lead at IHS Markit. “I don’t think it’s coincidental we have a lot of screens in vehicles that look just like tablets. That’s the trend.”

The average size across the globe for a vehicle center display in 2018 was 7.7 inches, according to the report of the IHS Markit and it is even projected to grow to 8.4 inches by 2024.

Source:  www.reuters.com

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