How to View Private Instagram Account? 7 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps

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How to View Private Instagram Account? 7 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps 1

In the digital age, the concept of privacy often blurs with our desire to ensure the safety of our loved ones. The debate over the use of Private Instagram Viewer apps highlights the tension between these two ideals. On one hand, there’s the argument that these apps can protect children from online threats or unveil hidden secrets. On the other hand, some individuals emphasize the importance of preserving privacy, even within families. Striking a balance between both perspectives is possible, as one can monitor social media activities without compromising privacy entirely.


7 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps


Glassagram is an exceptional Instagram monitoring app with extensive parental control features. It empowers parents to safeguard their children online by providing access to their child’s Instagram account and monitoring their overall online activity. Notable features include GPS tracking, content blocking, screen-time limits and geo-fencing services. It prioritizes data privacy compliance. Users can access its full range of features through a monthly premium package priced at $59.19.


eyeZy stands out as a user-friendly solution for tracking online activities and offers top-notch customer support. Tailored to meet the demands of the digital era, the app excels at seamlessly monitoring multiple Instagram accounts. Its feature set includes the ability to view and record messages across various platforms, anonymous browsing through an “invisible shield,” and precise location tracking. Its premium version is priced at $47.99 per month that provides an extensive suite of online monitoring tools, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking peace of mind in the digital realm.

xMobi InstaHack

xMobi InstaHack is one of the most popular Private Instagram viewers. With its intuitive user interface, it provides discreet access to private Instagram profiles, offering the ability to uncover photos and videos that are concealed from plain view. Its key features include remote access to private Instagram accounts and a user-friendly interface. The premium version is available at a reasonable price of $11.66 per month, making it an accessible and powerful tool for those seeking to explore private Instagram content covertly.

Private Insta

Private Insta simplifies the process of viewing private Instagram profiles. It caters to Android, iOS, Windows and OSX devices. Users can seamlessly access these private profiles without the hassle of unlock codes or third-party installations. Moreover, creating an account is not required. This means it provides a straightforward and hassle-free experience for users looking to explore private Instagram content.


Hoverwatch offers a user-friendly solution, particularly suited for individuals who may not be tech-savvy. Tracking an Instagram profile is as simple as entering your email address and signing up for free. This intuitive approach to monitoring is complemented by features that encompass call tracking, SMS monitoring and GPS location tracking. Notably, the app operates in stealth mode on both Android and iOS devices. It ensures discreet and effective tracking capabilities.


mSpy is a discreet monitoring solution that provides the ability to secretly track Instagram profiles without detection. This feature-rich tool is particularly well-suited for parents aiming to keep a vigilant eye on their children’s online activities. Notably, the app simplifies the process by eliminating the need for surveys during human verification and allowing for installation directly on the target device. This makes it an efficient and valuable resource for concerned parents seeking to ensure their child’s online safety and well-being.


uMobix stands as a user-friendly mobile spying application that grants access to private Instagram accounts while delivering real-time content updates. With its versatile set of features, users can enjoy complete access to Instagram profiles. This includes GPS tracking for location insight and the ability to monitor calls and messages. The app offers all of these capabilities through a one-month subscription, priced at $49.99, making it a comprehensive and accessible solution for those seeking to stay informed about Instagram activity and more.


These 7 best private Instagram viewer apps offer various features for users seeking to monitor or view private Instagram accounts. It is crucial to remember that when using such apps, privacy and ethical considerations must always be respected. Their usage should remain within legal and responsible boundaries. Balancing safety and privacy is a delicate task and these tools should be wielded with care.


  1. Which apps are good view private Instagram accounts?

If you are interested to view private Instagram accounts, there are several noteworthy apps worth considering. These apps can assist you in gaining access to private Instagram profiles:

Private Insta

  1. Is it legal to use a private Instagram viewer app?

The permissibility of utilizing a private Instagram viewer app can fluctuate based on your geographical location and the stipulations outlined in the app’s user agreement. It is important to meticulously examine the terms and conditions of the app before engaging with it. While in certain countries, the use of such apps for inspecting Instagram profiles may be within legal bounds.

  1. Are there any free private Instagram viewer apps?

Yes, there are free options available for viewing private Instagram profiles. Apps like Gwaa and Private Insta offer limited features for free. However, if you are looking for more advanced features and capabilities, you need to upgrading and pay.

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