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By Srikanth
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YouTube shorts

A very happening and exciting statement coming from Youtube team and for all the creators that they are going to launch a new feature for all the creators where the user can create shorts from the comment section. This new feature is going to support the creators and  allows viewers to share their thoughts and reactions to videos in a more creative way.


Apart from all the external features viewer and creators had the right to create content as a follow up video on the same shorts using same music etc. Where as this new feature will allow the viewers to create shorts content through your comment section. To use this feature you have to Simply tap on the comment and choose “Create Short” from the menu that appears. The comment can then be edited to include music effects and other information. When you’re done, you can distribute your Short to your followers.

Whereas user won’t get notification on the viewers creating shorts on from their comment section . Additionally, unless the creators disable comments on their videos, they cannot prevent their comments from being included in a Short.

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