Vizzuality’s Data Sets Navigate Companies Towards Greener Supply Chains

By Sunil Sonkar
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Vizzuality's Data Sets Navigate Companies Towards Greener Supply Chains

Vizzuality, a leader in sustainability tech, just released an open-source data and maps tool to help companies track their supply chains that is affecting nature. It not only sees what is going on now but also tells what might happen in the future as businesses get bigger.


The goal? Assist companies in cleaning up their acts by evaluating how their products contribute to ecological problems and climate change. Francis Gassert from Vizzuality says it is all about making it really easy for companies to do the right thing and encourage others to follow suit.

Here is a good news. Anyone can grab and use this data set. It is also in LandGriffon, a tool that helps businesses handle environmental risks.

What does it do? It draws maps of supply chains and figures out how they affect nature, like deforestation, greenhouse gases and biodiversity loss. Vizzuality wanted to make it super detailed so companies can check their entire supply chain and such things have been bit tricky until now.

Who’s interested? Sustainability advisers, academics, researchers and firms are already keeping an eye on supply chain impacts. It is like a handy tool that is making their job easier.

Why is this important? Countries aim to protect more of our planet by 2030. Laws are coming in, such as the EU saying companies must be cautious about imports causing deforestation. But, surprisingly, alot of companies still have not set clear rules for watching their supply chains.

Vizzuality’s tool helps with tricky products like beef, leather, cocoa and more, making it easier to follow them in the supply chain. Advanced tech like LandGriffon helps companies estimate their environmental impact when they are not sure where all their materials come from.

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