Vodafone Idea selects HPE for its Network OSS platform

Vodafone Idea selects HPE for its Network OSS platform 1

Vodafone Idea which is the largest telecom operator has now partnered with the HPE to use the latter next-gen operation support system platform for its service and network operations center.

Vodafone idea SNOC controls the company offering of a mobile platform to more than 334 million subscribers. Vodafone idea as of now is one of the largest and biggest mobile operators in India with a market share of 34.58%.

With the HPE Intelligent Assurance solution, Vodafone idea also hopes to expand its RPA capabilities in its SNOC, which the company was a critical component in its move towards becoming a digital service provider.

The automation of preparations by the HPE Intelligent Assurance will also be going to help the Vodafone idea to convert the vast amounts of telecommunications network data into actionable insights that the company has claimed the first step towards the zero-touch operations and self-driven networks.

“Vodafone Idea is undertaking the world’s biggest telecom network integration and creating India’s most advanced, secure and cost-efficient network,” said Vishant Vora, chief technology officer at Vodafone Idea Ltd.

“We are now honored to be selected as Vodafone Idea’s partner for their new consolidated OSS platform, which includes our machine learning-based HPE Intelligent Assurance solution,” Mottram added.

Before this month, Vodafone idea has also joined the hands with the IBM India for a five-year Multi-Million dollar deal to supply the one-third cloud-based digital platform. Vodafone idea revealed that the partnership was also aimed towards enhancing the customer experience and reducing the long term IT-related costs.

“This new infrastructure platform will help remove constraints to the exponential growth of data usage driven by increasing consumption of video, streaming and digital commerce,” said the company in a statement.


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