Voice AI Startup ElevenLabs Hits $1b Valuation in Two Years

By Sunil Sonkar
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Voice AI Startup ElevenLabs Hits $1b Valuation in Two Years 1

In just two years, ElevenLabs, a tech company focused on making voices using AI, hit a huge milestone.  They are now worth more than $1 billion, like a unicorn in the tech world.


They are good at making special voices using technology, which is technologically called voice cloning. Investors saw the potential and gave ElevenLabs a whopping $80 million to keep doing what they are doing.

ElevenLabs makes special voices in 29 languages that people use for all sorts of things like making videos, playing games and even helping with education. Big companies, like The Washington Post, even like using ElevenLabs’ tech.

ElevenLabs CEO Mati Staniszewski says they are using cool technology to share information and stories with everyone, no matter the language or voice. They have been so successful that users have made more than 100 years’ worth of audio in just two years.

With the new $80 million they got from investors, ElevenLabs plans to do more research and make their technology even better. They are working on a tool to check if an audio clip was made using ElevenLabs’ technology, so things stay honest and real.

Something cool they are doing is a marketplace where people who use their voices in AI can earn money. This shows they care about the people who make cool stuff with their technology.

They have also announced a new tool that quickly changes spoken words into different languages using AI. This shows ElevenLabs is not stopping. They are always coming up with new ideas to make technology fun as well as useful.

ElevenLabs is not just a successful company. It is like a sign showing how technology can make stories and information easier to get and more fun.

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