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Ankit Dudhwewala, Founder of CallHippo

Ankit Dudhwewala is the co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple Infotek, a company that builds and runs digital products. Appitsimple has developed and runs CallHippo, a SaaS-based VoIP product. As the co-founder and CEO of Appitsimple, Ankit sets qualitative and quantitative goals for the organization.


CallHippo is part of a larger organization which is Appitsimple. Before starting Appitsimple. He was working in a pharma company and trying to understand what he really wanted to do in life. How we came up with starting CallHippo was the need for Appitsimple for global telephony. We used to make calls to customers around the world and found most phone systems are legacy systems. There was a lot of automation done around email/chat but nothing was about telephony. So we created CallHippo. It’s a phone system that enables pre & post telephony tasks.

CallHippo was launched in March 2017 and has a user base of 5000+ customers until now. Also, CallHippo started in a bootstrap model of funding and growing towards becoming a market leader with each passing day. CallHippo has been awarded as Rising Star and a Great User Experience on Finances Online software discovery platform. CallHippo wants to create an impression as a VOIP-based solution for Small and Large-sized businesses to streamline international business communication. CallHippo serves the customers by providing global businesses with the most affordable and user-friendly calling software to better engage and execute international communications.

About CallHippo? and its products

CallHippo is a multi-product business solution that can be set up in less than 3 minutes.

Our VoIP-based Virtual Phone System allows businesses to get international, local & toll-free numbers instantly from over 50+ countries & can be accessed through a mobile phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

With our easy-to-use interface, robust backend architecture & interactive dashboard, your sales, customer support and marketing teams can collaborate on calls and seamlessly share information.

All the virtual numbers are enabled with the following features:

  • Call Recording: Record each outbound and inbound call on the virtual number that can help an organization to improve the quality of customer support and make data-driven decisions.
  • Forward to device: Forward all of the incoming calls from the virtual number to your mobile phone, office landline, or video chat application. People love this option because if facilitates receiving calls on the go.
  • Custom time availability: Set the custom working hours for numbers and the user as per their availability. You can keep the user or the number to unavailable status and the calls will be either forwarded to other users or reach the voicemail.
  • Voicemail: When all the users are unavailable the calls reach the voicemail and are welcomed with a customizable voicemail greeting. The voicemails dropped on your virtual number can be accessed from your mail and from the activity feed of the dashboard.
  • Interactive voice response system (IVR System): With the IVR system you can set up a virtual support system for your callers to reach specific departments they want to talk to. Say, they get an option to press 1 for Marketing, 2 for Support. And the calls ring on the specified numbers assigned to the respective departments.
  • Welcome message : Welcome your callers with a customized audio greeting when they call you.
  • Music on call hold: Set a custom soothing message for your callers when you put them on hold during calls.
  • Ring all: If an account has more than one user associated with one number, the calls ring on all the user devices at once and whichever user receives the call talks to the caller and the other users are notified about the same

How AI & Data Analytics technologies helping CallHippo

Here are the products that are helping CallHippo in AI & Data Analytics technologies 

1. Coach – Speech AI

CallHippo Coach ensures faster call QA, better agent evaluation and effective coaching ultimately enhancing the team’s performance.

Ankit Dudhwewala, founder of CallHippo, recently invested in Enthu.ai

2. Enthu AI 

Enthu is a Conversation Intelligence Software powered by AI & ML. Suited for B2B SMEs, mid-market companies and contact centers, Enthu allows sales teams to record, transcribe and audit all the customer conversations without the need to listen to every single call. 

Integrating with third-party Saas tools?

Technology removed the borders in many dimensions within our social and professional lives. Third-party SaaS integration platforms allow service providers to integrate different applications and create a comprehensive solution that caters to all the needs of an organization.

Here are some benefits: 

  • One-place-for-all
  • They are cost-effective
  • You can step back if you’re not happy
  • They increase efficiency and save time 

Number of users connected with CallHippo, Expectation in the coming months

CallHippo has about 85+ Integration platforms with about 5000+ customers, and we are expecting to reach about 30% more than the existing customers in the coming months.

what’s their USP

CallHippo creates an impression as a VOIP-based solution for Small and Large-sized businesses to streamline international business communication. We serve the customers by providing global businesses with the most affordable and user-friendly calling software to better engage and execute international communications.

Early days struggle.

The founder of CallHippo is not a tech guy, hence the biggest challenge was to code. He hired a few team members who could code and gave them the environment possible and trusted them to do the right thing. It worked for CallHippo and is still working. With all our leaders, we give complete autonomy to run the organization the way they want to. 

Funding Details

We bootstrapped. We used $15K of personal savings. It was a slow process. Without having a tech background, Our founder called up a few colleagues and tried to hire very economical engineers.  

CallHippo started in 2014. This was born out of a need to call customers. We were using skype. There was a lot of innovation that happened in Emails, chat, etc but not many wanted to experiment with telephony as it is complex. We tried a couple of other telephony systems and they had a bad user experience. So we created CallHippo which is an easy-to-use phone system that enables pre & post telephony automation. 

Current User base

CallHippo has about 5000+ users presently and is thriving to achieve more. 

You can also find some  use cases in the link attached – https://CallHippo.com/case-study/

Future plans.

We are working towards adding intelligence to CallHippo. We are adding speech analytics to CallHippo. And that should take most of our bandwidth.

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