Voyzapp connects with technological innovation for the voiceover

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Voyzapp connects with technological innovation for the voiceover 1

While the technologies around the world create a Huss in the market with new dealings of every filed from corner-to-corner, there is also the influence of voice in the technology sector. Hence, to develop the traits more of voice, technology plays a vital role even in television, radio, advertising and film industries. To establish the required steps and demands by the voice artists, there is a wide range of acceptance as the discouraging voiceover can even deploy the best product in the market and hence, here comes the functions of the technology. Voyzapp has developed and initiated to hold a place of professional voice artists in many languages.


The startup built in Noida creates a combination of people of the suitable talent with the suitable customer without any intermediaries. The simple concept for the voice artists to register and upload in the app with their voice samples broadcasting around the industries such as radio, TV, filmmaking, corporate IVR, advertising, animation, marketing, e-learning and audiobooks.

Further, the startup is trying to democratise and stabilise the voiceover industry with the e-commerce marketplace built model. The recently launched startup, earlier this year itself, it states to have registered with more than nearly 10,000 voice artists with approximately 30 languages, yet. Furthermore, it shelters to 800 to 900 samples of voiceovers and keeps on adding to each of it every day. Hence, nearly 150 projects are mentioned to be finished by the startup, yet.

The startup was launched and catered by Sourav Jandial who is an electronics engineer from BITS Pilani and is also the founder of LanguageNoBar that is known to be a startup that looks after the translations, transcription services and localisation in nearly more than 100 languages established nearly seven years ago. The startup Language NoBar, is in full run in these years, yet, the founder managed to relate to new startup Voyzapp.

Voyzapp is built to focus certainly on three specific key elements, that includes, minimised access to certain better voiceover artists, huge project expenses because of the lesser amount of people working and the slowed and/or incomplete projects.

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