Wahter’s Pre-Seed Round Brings in Rs 5 Crore, Boosting Valuation to Rs 52 Crore

By Sunil Sonkar
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Wahter's Pre-Seed Round Brings in Rs 5 Crore, Boosting Valuation to Rs 52 Crore

Innovative startup Wahter has lately secured Rs 5 crore in a pre-seed funding round and its valuation has now touched Rs 52 crore. The company was founded in December 2023 and blends advertising with social impact. Founders Amitt Nenwani and Kashish A. Nenwani said Wahter stands at the intersection of advertising and packaged drinking water. It creates a unique business model to benefit brands as well as consumers.


The innovative strategy of Wahter is simple but powerful. It integrates advertisements directly onto the labels of their water bottles. Hence, the cost of bottled water is priced low and clean drinking water is accessible for as little as Rs 1 or Rs 2. The new capital will help the company to expand its distribution network and enhance production processes as well. It will simultaneously help in developing their ad-driven revenue model.

One of the key strategies of Wahter is to increase its presence in high-traffic areas like metro stations and shopping malls. The startup also has plans to deploy additional carts, strollers and kiosks as the strategy may help in increasing visibility and providing the advertisers a broader demographic reach. The expansion will definitely help advertisers and simultaneously ensure consumers to have an easy access to affordable bottled water.

Wahter aims to maintain a consistent quality by streamlining operations and logistics. It is also looking ahead to grow the team for better support to the ambitious expansion plans.

Co-Founder Amitt Nenwani highlighted the vision of Wahter and its positive reception. He said that the company is introducing change in the advertising and packaged drinking water sectors. They are also highly being encouraged by the positive response received from brands and consumers.

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