Waymo’s Autonomous vehicles are driving 25,000 Miles/Day


Waymo is the former self driving project by Google which turned into a massive business with the help of Alphabet, which have given the ride for driver of 8 million miles on the roads for public by driving autonomous vehicles/

The CEO of Waymo Mr. John Krafchik had given detail about the milestone which the company had achieved this Friday, he was sharing the stage with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval which is at the National Governors Association conference in city of Santa Fe, N.M. The whole fact and figure was in mind when the comparison started that Waymo actually has less than a year ago. In the previous the company came up with an announcement that the self- driven vehicles had reached 4 million miles, which actually means that company has somehow managed to double the number of miles in just eight months.

Waymo’s new column of autonomous vehicles is now able to drive 25,000 mile on everyday basis even if it is being driven on public roads said Karfick. After sometime he also tweeted about stats which included some graphic. There are 600 Waymo self- driven Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans which are running on the roads of 25 cities. It also has 20,000 Jaguar l-Pace in addition and they are planning to have another 62,000 Pacifica.

The company is bit depend on simulation because they work on AI- based self- driving system which doing much better than human since last nine years, Waymo has already driven  more than 5 billion miles at its simulation with AI-based as said by the company and this actually equal to 25,000 fictional cars are driving whole day said the company.

Waymo’s autonomous ride- hailing vehicles service got all its limelight. But for now the company is putting all its efforts get more better in its self- driving system in three different areas, which includes logistics, by making public transportation much more accessible to everyone, and the other one is to work along with some automakers to manufacture customized vehicles.

Karfcik and Waymo never provided such detailed information about the their self- driven systems which will provide public transportation much more accessible. Karfcik also give the hint about Waymo’s future announcement.

“So we working upon the challenge which is actually how to move out  people from their homes and work to already existing public transportation joints and that is how we can come together to get more ROI as a society” said John Karfcik.



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