10 Ways to make your Gmail more Productive

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Gmail is a convenient platform for free, well-thought-out, convincing personal communication. It provides the sender’s time and place to greet the recipient respectfully, place a conversation, and state the call to action. That, in turn, provides the context needed for the recipient to write the relevant response and go back and forth.


With the growth of IM(Instant Messaging), the role of email has changed. However, it is still the most effective way of communicating with the outside world, especially in advertising and marketing. A 2017 Email Marketing Stats report finds that email has the highest ROI of all advertising channels and hits social media by 40% with customer purchases. That’s why more than 56% of companies use email alternatives. However, when it comes to day-to-day communication, staff-related, IM is in the process of replacing Gmail.

Emails have a level of order that can be done by instant messaging. It may seem like two faces of the coin. While Gmail can be wrong to send an unusual reminder or ask a quick question, it is the right decision for conversation, the first contact with a new client, or managing disciplinary proceedings. Email leaves a concrete paper trail that is easy to track and archive, vital in these official conversations. 

Also, if, for example, you work in industries like healthcare where confidentiality between patients and doctors is crucial, it is essential to make your Gmail HIPAA compliant (even though a better option would be to use a tool like Hushmail, which is built with HIPAA-compliance in mind).

Sadly, many people apply for a job, but they fail to keep up with all their activities because their Gmail accounts are in constant flux. In this age of cybersecurity and tons of spam emails and viruses around, the need for secure and well-managed email accounts is more significant than ever.

The best thing to remember here is that; the principles of good communication have not changed. Being short, respectful, and instructive is more crucial than ever, no matter what communication platform you choose. While Gmail certainly has its ups and downs, don’t let its design and sterile environment hold you back. Here are some of the most productive tools that will help you maintain speed and increase email productivity.

Gmail Automation tools can help you save a lot of effort and increase your growth. In this digital world, where there are so many types of tools available, it has been a great challenge to identify the right device that meets your business’s needs. There are various Gmail productivity tools available in the market that can improve your marketing performance, Gmail automation.

1. Boomerang

Using Boomerang, you can send messages at the perfect time, get a reminder if you don’t receive a response, you can add a smart calendar assistant that will help you in scheduling meetings. You need to make sure you follow up within a particular time after sending a message. You can choose to be reminded only with Gmail automation when no one is responding, or regardless. This way, you will not let messages get in the form of cracks, and you will never forget to follow up with people.

2. Gmail Snooze

Snooze, to put it bluntly, and not surprisingly, a most useful Gmail productivity tool incomprehensible godsend for people with busy inboxes. If you have an official business email account you may already be using, you can use Snooze your Emails to take some messages out of your inbox until you need them. Either that, or you allow the targeted emails to in your inbox, and the inbox zero becomes a remote memory.

3. CloudMagic

Cloud Magic is one of the third-party email clients that can manage multiple accounts from various providers. Although the Android Gmail app has the option of adding non-Gmail funds temporarily, Cloud Magic remains a favorite way for users to access their email using Gmail automation. It offers many benefits, such as creating jobs via email (Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Asana, etc.); you can even put a passcode lock and easy file attachment from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and other storage providers.

4. MailKing :-

 MailKing is an email campaign manager who works as Gmail automation software and G Suite email accounts. Can send email build-up campaigns by installing chrome extension with just a few clicks – directly from Gmail. No need to sign in to a different email to manage your streaming emails.

Email is sent directly from your Gmail account. See the higher rates open because each email you send will come now from your Gmail account, instead of a third-party account in your name. You can use the Library Template Library for free. You can also create and save your template for future use. Templates are fully compatible and integrated with Gmail’s HTML Editor, which can indirectly work as a Gmail productivity tool.

5. Follow Up CC :-

Now you can Upgrade your inbox. Follow-up for Gmail is among the best Gmail productivity tools that keep your conversations and tasks from slipping through the cracks. You work in Gmail, and we make it easy for you. It Keeps the Bcc field open for custom reminders or tags. It allows you to create standard reminder emails with a click and automatically add reminders to email. You can also add Response Detection to automate the follow-up process.

6. Rapportive :-

Rapportive is a useful tool for Gmail users as it shows you more information about your contacts while using Gmail. In your Gmail account, you can click on a reference, and that person’s LinkedIn profile will appear on the right. Rapportive is an add-on extension for Firefox and Chrome. If you log into your Gmail account with Firefox or Chrome, then you may use this tool if the add-on is enabled.

7. Taskforce

Allowing multiple lists is a much-needed Taskforce item, and it works well here. Working as primary Gmail automation software, here you can now create jobs from any email message, check that email over time, and have multiple bulks or message emails from Facebook, Linked In, or other automated services. You can share tasks with others by emailing them from Taskforce, and many great things, including calendar integration, are on the way.

8. Unroll.me

With unroll. Me, you can clean your inbox by unsubscribing from unwanted junk emails and combining important emails into daily alerts. There’s a reason the Internet is crazy about this vital Webby award-winning service, and it will change your life.

9. The Swizzle

When you sign up with Swizzle, it will firstly scan your emails by collecting all the commercial emails, newsletters, offers, etc., which are already in your inbox. The site will then let you choose what you want to continue to receive and use for work. Finally, Swizzle will create a daily email alert you still need to accept to clear your inbox while receiving as many emails as you care.

10. Key Rocket

Did, you know that Gmail has built-in tone shortcuts? They can automatically turn off with Gmail automation software and Gmail productivity tools, but if you are a heavy Gmail user, you can turn them on to make your inbox more efficient.

For example, if enabled, Shift + I can make the message read, # you can delete it, and start a new message in a new popup window. Shortcuts can be a great help (you even collected a ton of our favorites here) as long as you use them. The shortcuts can be handy (you even rounded up a ton of our choices here) as long as you use them.

Gmail has always played a big part in being a successful creative professional tool in this era of information technology. Responding to a flood of daily emails is a necessary evil in almost all high-paying jobs in a knowledge-based economy. Gmail Automation software equips users with tools to plan, coordinate, and measure marketing activities, which indirectly boosts productivity.

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