Wearable tech firm KaHa raises funding from ICT Fund


KaHa, which is a smart wearable has now secured $6.2 Million in the funding round of Series B led by the ICT Fund, which is much more focused on the deep technology investments.

The funds raised will now be going to be used to enable the company to boost its development and research and expand operations in the Asia Pacific region, according to the report which has been revealed.

KaHa, which operates an end to end IOT platform for the smart wearables which includes the electronics, design and printed circuit board assembly, the application framework for the Android, iOS, data analytics and cloud services and smart after sales services tool.

The platform also enables the partners and customers to incorporate the latest tech without the high financial costs and speed up their go to market time for the smart market products.

KaHa is also expecting the number of devices which is supported and powered by its platform to exceed 2 million by the end of this year.

KaHa has also collaborated across the IoT developments chain include the Singapore research institute Bridgestone, Curtis Australia, Tex Line, Titan, and Aster SIMTECH.

“Apart from helping us expand our product line, this new round of funding will allow KaHa to discover more breakthrough products that can support the health and wellness, sports and fitness, safety and digital payments needs, as well as increase the COVE platform’s availability internationally and improve our accessibility and affordability,” said Pawan Gandhi, chief executive officer of KaHa, in a statement.


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