How to use influencer marketing in 2023 ?

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Types of Influencer marketing

Nowadays, there are different types of influencers: nano-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and celebrities. The key is to know with which of them it is better to collaborate.

Find relevant influencers:

You can hire an agency that is in charge of carrying out the entire campaign or you can do it yourself.

You can contact influencers directly or you can do it with the help of influencer manager

Contact the right influencers

You must be very clear about what we want to achieve and see which of the observed influencers can help you achieve it

Follow influencer

See how they interact with their audience and discuss what you’d like to improve in terms of the representation of your products.

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We encourage you to carry out influencer marketing strategies since, as we have seen, it is a simple way to generate content, give visibility to your brand as well as increase the sales of your company. Give this idea an opportunity!