Tips on Safety in Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

Don’t let the most wonderful time of the year turn into a holiday crisis. Here’s help to shop securely online this holiday season.

Scammers use these fake stores to advertise great deals on social media. When you click on the link it takes you to a look-a-like website of a major brand. 

Fake stores

Because of all the packages that get delivered these days many scammers will send emails or texts of delivery updates with tracking links. These links are used for identity theft.

Fake Shipping Notifications

Go to the source. In this case, look at your account directly from Amazon’s app or enter their website into your browser. 

Use Reputable Websites/Companies

Check for the padlock icon when at the checkout.  Keep an eye out for HTTPS in the address bar rather than HTTP, as this highlights that a site uses SSL.

Stop, Look, Check, Pay

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