Top no-code trends to watch in 2024

Top no-code trends to watch in 2024

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No-code platforms are not just for startups and small businesses anymore. In 2024, we can expect to see more large enterprises adopting no-code platforms to build custom applications and automate processes.

Greater adoption by large enterprise

No-code vendors will be expected to provide robust, built-in security features with layered permissions for handling sensitive data. User authentication and data encryption will be baked into the proce

Higher security and governing policies

A unified solution built on one common – yet open – platform allows data to flow seamlessly through multiple applications, making it easier to establish workflows that benefit businesses.

End to end solutions trend

No code tools are here to boost scalability

No-code trends for 2024 will see a shift in platforms providing more advanced capabilities to allow users to build complex applications with more advanced workflows, integrations, and management features.

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