Web3 Network Promises Data Liberation

Web3 enters the digital world to counter Big Tech's data dominance, aiming to rectify the exploitative practices of Web 2.0.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Web3 Network Promises Data Liberation

Web 3 network is the newest player in ever-evolving digital world and it seeks to challenge the dominance of Big Tech over user data.


Many developers behind this web3 network believe that some important changes will make it better than the Web 2.0, which has exploited users and their data for the benefit of a few large companies.

Edge & Node CEO and co-founder Tegan Kline highlighted that the core nature of the current web leads to censorship and exploitation as a handful of companies control data and digital footprints as well.

Kline and others are championing the web 3 ecosystem. They are countering the issues with a decentralized internet approach that aims to empower users. Edge & Node is leading the movement and mainly focusing on developing decentralized applications (dApps) as well as protocols. One of their key projects is The Graph, which is dubbed as the “Google of web3” and it organizes open blockchain data to make it a public good.

The Graph basically operates through “subgraphs” and it is similar to open APIs that organize data in the background and simultaneously serve information when users interact with applications built on it.

However, it is still in the phase of work in progress and even at this stage of development it can be said to have immense potential. The Graph recently unveiled its roadmap for the “New Era” and it outlined plans to expand data services, support developers, enhance network performance and facilitate AI integration as well. Kline highlighted the importance of democratizing data and especially in the world of AI.

Most AI operates outside the blockchain segment. Kline believes that the relationship between AI and blockchain will evolve over time. By leveraging decentralized infrastructure and token economies, web3 could revolutionize the AI landscape.

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