Website Footer Designs: Important Aspects You Should Know

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Website Footer Designs: Important Aspects You Should Know 1

At the bottom of your website pages should be some information which will lead people to the things they are really looking for every time they visit a website. Catching visitors and luring them to stay on your site until they will make a decision to buy one of your offers are not that easy. These are challenging things which require you to observe the proper techniques in web design and development. Hence, you have to prioritise web site footers. Otherwise, you’re gonna lose the full potential of your site to attract a number of visitors.


Deciding what to include in your website footer designs is a crucial thing. There are a lot of things which you need to consider. The elements in the footer section must be strong in terms of engagement capacity. It means they have to convince the users of your site. They should be part of the major factors why your site is embraced by the customers. Hence, paying attention to the details of this blog post is recommended. Here, you should learn about the important aspects of a website footer which are highly impactful to your business success.

Let’s dissect first how really important website footers are!

A website footer is the section of every page right at the bottom. This is where some of the basic links and information should be placed effectively. Are the elements included in this section really significant? The answer to this question is absolutely yes. They are important because they can make or break your business. If they are captivating enough, then you can see conversion rates to increase dramatically. If they are lousy and poor, however, there is a great tendency that the conversion rates will be very low.

Every time a website user scrolls down and browses the bottom part of the site, there should be a magnetic force which will ignite him or her to click on the links there. This is the main reason why you have to hire the best website design agency. This agency must be tasked to create and produce a converting site footer. The footer section of your business website is where the potential customers must be attracted to.

Remember that simplicity is needed when it comes to your overall website design. The footer design must not disregard this rule of thumb. Otherwise, you will suffer from possible drawbacks as triggered by the lack of attention to this strategy.

1. Sitemap

Sitemap is very important as it directs the users of your site to the most important internal links. Its value is tantamount to the value level of the other elements like contact information and legal disclaimers. Why do you have to place a site on the footer page? Because this is at the bottom of every web page. Naturally, this is the last section or segment of every web page that people can visit upon scrolling down. When a visitor continues to scroll down, it means he or she is looking for more important information. Placing a sitemap can really help Google and other search engines index your web pages.

2. Copyright

This is another element which plays a crucial role for success. Given an idea that your site footer should only have a single element, this should be the most important element to be there. Nothing else. Why? Because your content really matters. People are actually using your site because they are looking for content. Therefore, you need to have a copyright section where people can see that your content does not violate any copyright-related claims. This is to protect your website, of course, from any setbacks, more particularly plagiarism issues.

3. Terms of Use

This is an element which will dictate the users of your site about the terms and conditions which you will definitely impose. Is it the same with Privacy? Well, to tell you the truth, it is somehow different from that. The Terms of Use is where you will oblige the website users to agree on your terms and conditions every time they will use your content. How the information and content should be utilized must be stipulated in this particular section. The critical aspect is evidently present; that is why you need to be very careful with respect to the utilization of this element. Consult an expert regarding this.

4.Privacy Policy

Is this element so important to any website? The answer to this question is definitely yes. Privacy Policy of any website is a requirement. It has to be at the bottom of the web pages. Typically, it will tell the users what information must be collected and why such information is collected. As well, how the information is collected and gathered by the site’s system is pre-conditionally stated in this section. Storing sensitive information of the website users should crucially be observed. Hence, you need to emphasize this aspect in this particular site section.

5.Contact Information

This is another element which plays a vital role vis-a-vis generating more leads (potential customers). Most people will look for a way on how to contact you. That is why the footer design of your site should include Contact Information. By virtue of the standardized website design, the contact information should be evident at the top right portion of the header (not on the footer).

However, it has been found out by web design experts that it is more appealing and enticing if the contact information is to be found at the bottom. Any contact link for the purpose of giving clarity to the users’ minds can be utilized. Contact numbers and name/s of contact persons can be used in this section effectively.

If you want your website to really excel dramatically, you should not forget that navigation links are very important. These links are often called the “rescuers” of your site. The users of your business website may have different needs and demands. Somehow, there are times when you won’t be able to satisfy the needs of a particular user; hence, that user tends to look for other information or content. Through navigation links, you can provide a remedial solution or an alternative. Putting a “mega-menu dropdown” is advised for the realization of your objectives and goals.

7. Map and Directions

Guiding your customers (website users) to where your physical office (if you have any) is located is one of the top things you can effectively do for your business website to stand out. Remember that when there are a lot of users using your site, it will signal Google and other search engines that your website is friendly and responsive to the needs of the users.

In effect, your site will be indexed and crawled based on the content and information that people find useful. Putting a map and directions is essential for this purpose. You will be able to satisfy the users who are searching for the right solution provider. Through a map, every user will be guided well as to where he or she has to go.

8. Social Icons

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. TikTok. And many more. These are social media channels which people have found useful as they search for shareable information. So, it is a great way to include social icons at the bottom of the web pages. The footer section is where those social media icons have to be placed. According to statistical data, 72% of websites globally have social media buttons at the bottom part (footer). The implication is quite simple. Placing those buttons right there is effective as far as convincing more leads is concerned.

9. Email CTA

Signing up in an email list is one of the most effective methods you can actualize for your business to gather potential customers’ information. The question now is: Where to place the email call-to-action texts? Well, it has to be at the site footer section. Nowhere else. Let your visitors subscribe to your website newsletters and other freebies through the email sign-up form right at the bottom section of every web page. Doing so can open more business opportunities. You can see people will love your offers. This is an effective marketing strategy which you have to consider.

10. Site Search Tool

This is a vital site footer element, so to speak. Why? Site search tools are usually tools that will guide the users to jump into specific web pages, particularly product listings and catalogs. Using this element is advised by experts, though it is not compulsory. True enough, there are more business opportunities to come out when you use this strategy. More customers will be lured as they are provided with a friendly and responsive tool with regards to product or solution search. To provide quick results when searching for products is quite essential for success.

11. Values and Mission

These two can be included in the footer section of your website. Practically, most website users will want to know more about your company. Letting them know about your values and mission can make them happy. Why? Because they will be able to appreciate what you are trying to offer them. They will be able to know the extent of your brand importance. And don’t forget also the idea that part of branding is the proper use of a company logo. So, you can include this in the footer part of the site pages, although the brand logo can be more effective when they are placed at the right or left header corner.

12.  Awards and Certifications

To build a strong credibility level, you can as well include the awards and certifications that your company possesses. Doing so can open the aisle of trust and confidence among your existing and potential customers. Keep in mind that you have to make people believe that you are the perfect solution provider. That when they trust your offers, their problems will be solved. So, placing the awards and certifications right at the footer section can, in one way or another, help your website perform dramatically.


It is not that easy to convince people that you are the perfect company to help them solve their problems. But your website, particularly your website footer, can do a lot of good things for you. The success level of your business website can be higher when you are able to meet the expectations of the site users. Placing any or all of the elements suggested above can help your website become a strong competitor in a specific business category.

Hire the right company to help you realize your goals today!

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