What are the best cities in Taiwan to create a business?

By Sony T
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What are the best cities in Taiwan to create a business? 1

Incredibly, almost one-in-ten British citizens now live permanently overseas, with the UK expat population now totalling 5.5 million overall.


A growing number within this population are choosing to relocate to Taiwan, which offers numerous advantages in terms of cuisine, the total cost of living and the country’s unique meld of natural beauty and rich heritage.

In this post, we’ll look at three best Taiwanese cities in which to live and launch a business, while asking what sets these locations apart from others.


The three cities listed here are all so-called ‘smart’ cities, which means that they leverage advanced robotics and big data (amongst other technologies) to revolutionise entities such as the supply chain and transportation industry.

We’ll start with Taichung, which is home to the majority of Taiwan’s industry sectors and remains a key driver of automated production lines, precision machinery and motion-sensing technology.

This makes it a key target for overseas entrepreneurs who want to launch a product-oriented business, particularly following the recent $2.3 billion government investment into the city’s smart-machinery industrial park and R&D Centre.

Similarly, this city should be your first stop if your venture deals directly in Taiwanese exports, regardless of their cost or nature.

Taipei City

Next on our list is the beautiful city of Taipei, which was ranked as the best location in the world for expats to reside in by InterNations as recently as last year.

Taiwan’s award-winning and trail-blazing smart city, Taipei features a central hub that is responsible for many of the smart technology solutions that are now beginning to dominate across the globe.

The city even features a web platform through which people (including expats and visitors) can submit their smart-tech ideas to the government for their serious consideration.

This has certainly had a positive impact on the city’s economic performance and exports, with 70% of the world’s total integrated circuits being manufactured here. So, if you intend to launch or expand a business that works with circuitry or electronics engineering, Taipei should be your first port of call.


We close with Taoyuan, which was selected as one of the top seven intelligent communities in 2013 and 2015.

Following a lucrative agreement with Microsoft Taiwan in 2017, the city has received a host of cutting-edge technologies, including Cloud-computing platforms, big data analytics, AI and even MR innovations.

The promising ‘Asian Silicon Valley Project’ is also based in Taoyuan, with a view to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in Taiwan and the Southeast Asian region. It’s hoped that this will attract significant foreign investment and increase Taiwan’s smart-technology global market share to 5% by 2025, creating significant opportunities for businesses across an array of marketplaces.

When you’re an aspiring financial or forex market trader or involved in the field of analytics, Taoyuan is clearly a thriving technological hub that offers significant advantages to entrepreneurs.

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