What criteria should an ideal gaming PC have and how to build it

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What criteria should an ideal gaming PC have and how to build it 1

The gaming industry is increasingly filling all areas with entertainment, gradually crowding out films and books – this does not mean that the latter will cease to exist – this means that games will be reckoned with no less due to their popularity and opportunities.

The reason for the popularity is simple – a beautiful picture and personal participation, which no film or book can boast of.

To be able to play the most interesting projects, you need a good, modern and most importantly gaming computer, which will be sharpened not for calculations, but for powerful graphics processing. It doesn’t matter what project you play – Cyberpunk 2077 on ultra settings, or World of Warcraft – all projects have the ability to squeeze out a beautiful picture, the main thing is to have good equipment, then all that remains is to buy wow gold for MMO RPG and you can play on the best available settings without losing fps in serious battles between factions.


We will talk about this in this article.

What criteria should an ideal gaming PC have and how to build it 2

Building your PC

You need to be concerned about the following items:

  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Video card
  • Power unit
  • Cooling
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Headphones


The basis of any assembly begins with the motherboard, which allows you to use all the basic features of gaming peripherals.

You need a modern device with new sockets that will allow you to connect 14th generation processors and install more RAM and do not forget about the SSD, which will squeeze the maximum speed out of work and games on your PC.


The processor and its quality will significantly speed up the speed and quality of information processing and, in fact, will untie the hands of your system.

There is a fine line between processors, when it turns from a good gaming device into a computing machine, for which it is not necessary to overpay so much to get good FPS in games. You don’t have to install 9-series processors, it’s more important to choose the new 14th generation and the K variant, which will mean an overclocked version for games.

Look towards series 5 and 7 depending on your budget. The manufacturer Intel or AMD does not play a special role, since they no longer differ much in power and energy efficiency, and heat removal has long faded into the background and is not considered a problem.


RAM is responsible for the speed and ability to perform fast operations between the processor and the operating system.

You need a lot of RAM, especially if you like a lot of active windows in the browser, a minimized game and a couple of programs for work.

Gone are the days when 4 GB of RAM was enough for comfortable work and games – now you need at least 8, good – 16, and ideally 32 or 64 GB of RAM, which will provide you with comfortable gaming and work with heavy programs.

Compare the capabilities of your motherboard with the new DDR5 RAM cards, otherwise you may encounter banal incompatibility. We are talking about old motherboards, of course.

Video card

So we move on to the most interesting, important and expensive part of the list, which is the basis for gaming.

Video cards are expensive due to the popularization of mining, but gradually the gaming industry is choosing adequate prices for peripherals for games and forcing manufacturers to release separate mining solutions that will leave conventional video cards and their prices alone.

The series of video cards, as well as processors, are constantly evolving, and the most relevant at the moment can be called the 4090 series from various manufacturers, which, by the way, is larger than its predecessors.

Due to the constant release of new devices and peripherals, the old top options are becoming cheaper and more affordable.

For example, a 3060 TI would be an ideal good option for playing many projects on high and ultra settings for a couple of years, after which updates will be required.

Models 1650 are no longer worth considering, although it is possible with a limited budget – games will increasingly lower you to medium and good settings, which is tolerable, but on the eve of the release of GTA 6, remasters, the continuation of Cyberpunk and the new Witcher, you should still look at more expensive ones, but also quality solutions.

Power Unit

The higher the parameters of your video card, the more power you need to service it, and often a power supply is needed no less powerful.

Fortunately, manufacturers often indicate the power of the video card and there are aggregator sites that allow you to specify your parameters for the future PC and see which power supply is suitable.

Usually it is 850 watts – for modern video cards.

Do not worry – the device will not burn out if the block is wrong or not powerful enough – it simply will not start.

Choose a good power supply from well-known manufacturers of gaming peripherals like Gigabyte.


Cooling is important to keep your components in good working condition, because due to constant overheating, there can be accelerated wear of parts and failure and slow down your PC, which will definitely affect the speed of the system and FPS in games.

Despite the fact that the video card has its own cooling, it also needs a general one, which will provide a consistently good temperature without overheating.

To do this, you need a main fan, or a water cooling system and a modern case that will provide good heat dissipation.

Mouse and keyboard

To comfortably play all modern games, you need a new mouse with active and dynamic DPI and additional buttons, and a keyboard with nice colors and the ability to program useful macros.

Active DPI – this means the program formation of the optimal sensitivity of the cursor, depending on the strength of the movement of the hand.

Additional buttons will help you transfer important actions from the keyboard to the mouse and press them much faster and more efficiently. In Dota 2, Blink Dagger and other fast items are often used, in CS GO, these can be grenades and their quick use.

On the keyboard, you can similarly set up buttons for quick actions and program macros, but most importantly, new devices have a much faster response between pressing a key and the consequences of using it.


Headphones are an important attribute for any game, and it doesn’t matter if it’s competitive, session, or single player.

A good edge with 7.1 virtual or real sound will help you immerse yourself in any project in 360 degrees and hear the sound clearly from its true location, and not created with stereo to the left or right of the player.

Roughly speaking, you need to turn towards the source of the sound in order to amplify it and correctly perceive it, as you would do it in real life.

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