What Does the X Mean on Snapchat? Everything You Need to Know

By Sunil Sonkar
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Snapchat, the widely-used multimedia messaging app, has gained its fame from plethora of captivating features such as Filters, Lenses, Charms and Trophies that is offered. However, within this landscape of innovative features, one outstanding element that stands out in its interface is the mysterious X icon. The question arises: what does the X mean on Snapchat. This query has sparked the curiosity of users, sparking an investigation into its meaning. In the space of Snapchat, where every tweak and addition carries meaning, our journey begins to uncover the secrets behind the Snapchat X.


Role of Emojis in Snapchat

Understanding the Role of Emojis in Snapchat is fundamental to deciphering the meaning behind the X icon. Snapchat utilizes emojis in a distinctive manner to represent and reward your relationships based on your interaction levels with specific contacts. Each emoji carries a unique meaning, making it essential to comprehend this system to unveil the full significance of the mysterious X.

Snapchat’s use of emojis adds layers of context to your interactions. These symbols provide insights into the nature of your relationships and they serve as subtle indicators of your engagement with particular contacts. This context becomes pivotal when trying to make sense of the enigmatic X and its implications within the Snapchat ecosystem.

Deciphering the Grey X

You have probably come across the grey X symbol next to certain names in your Snapchat chats. This elusive X makes an appearance when someone isn’t on your friend list. It carries significant insights into your Snapchat relationship with that person. There are four primary reasons why you might encounter the X. These are briefed below:

Pending Friend Request
The simplest explanation is that you have not yet accepted their friend request. Consequently, the grey X replaces the camera icon next to their name until you accept.

Your Removal
If you have chosen to remove someone from your Snapchat friends list but have not blocked them, the grey X will persist when they send you messages.

They Haven’t Added You
It is entirely possible that the other person has not added you as a friend on Snapchat. In such cases, the grey X appears next to their name.

Their Removal
If you have accepted their request, yet the grey X remains. It is highly possible that they have either removed you from their Snapchat friends or blocked you.

In each of these scenarios, the common thread is the absence of an official friendship on Snapchat. Depending on your preference, you can opt to add them, block them or disregard friend recommendations by tapping “Clear Conversation.”

Unpacking the X

Unraveling the meaning of the X on Snapchat reveals that while it may suggest unfriending or blocking, it is not the sole interpretation. This mysterious X can appear for a variety of reasons and each with its own nuances. However, when you have previously added someone and you find the grey X consistently next to their name. It raises the likelihood that they have indeed taken specific actions regarding your Snapchat connection.

The presence of the X signifies changes in your Snapchat relationship and it is essential to consider the broader context when interpreting its meaning. Whether it is a result of unfriending, blocking or other factors, the X serves as a visual cue within the Snapchat landscape, prompting users to explore the dynamics of their connections and adjust their interactions accordingly.

Navigating the removal of the grey X icon on Snapchat involves a few strategic steps to help you bid farewell to this enigmatic mark. Once you have understood the significance of the X in your Snapchat interactions, you can take the following actions:

Firstly, if you have not accepted a friend request from someone, the quickest way to remove the X is to do just that—accept their friend request. This straightforward action will signify that you are ready to connect with them on Snapchat.

As a second option, if you discover that you have previously taken someone off your friends list but wish to remove the X, you can opt to reconnect with them. Re-establishing this connection will effectively erase the X, granting you the ability to recommence your Snapchat engagements. Alternatively, if the idea of re-adding them does not appeal to you, you retain the flexibility to explore other choices. Depending on your unique situation and level of comfort, you can choose to block the contact, report their account or clear the conversation as viable alternatives.

Lastly, if the grey X persists because the other person removed you from their friend list, you can take a proactive step and request to be re-added. A simple message or conversation can often resolve this issue, erasing the X and reestablishing your Snapchat connection.

By carefully choosing the approach that suits your specific circumstances, you can adeptly manage the removal of the enigmatic grey X icon from your chat section. This thoughtful decision-making process guarantees that your interactions on Snapchat become more seamless and enjoyable.


Well done! You have successfully unraveled the enigma of the X on Snapchat in this article titled ‘What Does the X Mean on Snapchat? Everything You Need to Know’. Equipped with this newfound understanding, you can now make well-informed choices to either fortify your Snapchat connections or gracefully disengage when needed. If you find yourself with more inquiries about Snapchat or any other facets of social media, gaming, or technology, please feel free to inquire in the comments section.

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