What is a 3D Printing and How does it Work?


In this revolutionary work, 3D printing is the process of making a physical object from a virtual model. The process is similar just like the normal printers with whom we all were familiar, but instead of traditional ink, 3D printer squeezes out a variety of different hot filaments and print layer by layer till virtual model is formed in the form of a physical model.

The process of this layer by layer is known as additive manufacturing and is mostly and widely used to print solid objects such as toys, and models with the help of a plastic. In today scenario, 3D printers utilize different types of filaments, starting from chocolate and cementing to regenerating tissue. Additive manufacturing is not just a concept, but 3D printing serves as a faster and more precise alternative to the methods of the older generation such as forging and sculpting. And this process is also less expensive.

How does 3D Printing Work?

There are three steps which work in 3D printing.

The first level in the preparation just before printing is when you design a 3D file of the object which you want to print. This 3D file can be created with the help of software such as CAD software, or via a 3D scanner or can also be downloaded simply from an online market. Once you do that and your 3D file is ready to be printed, then you can proceed with the second step.

Now, the second level is the main and actual level of the entire process of printing. First of all, you have to decide that which material will best achieve the specific properties which are required for your object model. The material which is used in 3D printing is very wide and broad as it includes resins, metals, sand, ceramics, plastics, textiles, food, glass, biomaterials and even the lunar dust.

Now, the third level is the finishing level. This step mainly requires materials and specific skills. When the model of object is printer then, often it cannot be directly used to delivered until it has been lacquered, sanded or painted to complete an entire process.

The materials chosen for the printing of object model will determine which printing methods are most suitable.

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