What is Clean Technology? And it is necessary?

What is Clean Technology? And it is necessary? 1

The term ‘clean technology’ is currently turning into quite standard. It appeared merely over the last twenty years. Clean technology means that this kind of technology that is environmentally friendly.

Such technology was developed and is being employed during an approach that doesn’t disturb the atmosphere and doesn’t destroy natural resources. Green technology is additionally called ‘environmental technology’ or ‘green technology.’

The primary purpose of green technology is to prevent warming and cut back the massive greenhouse effect . the primary and first plan is that the creation of modern technologies that don’t harm the natural resources. This could result in less damage to all human beings, species and also the general health of our planet.

Therefore why it is Necessary?

It currently becomes evident that our planet starts to suffocate from all the pollution we tend to produce. However, if we want to solve this problem, we can do it. We can minimize the problem by our own The active use of green technology will facilitate considerably cut back pollution.

That’s why the developed and a very few of the developing countries are currently turning to the current variety of technology to assist them in defending the atmosphere from aggressive impacts.

Although the issues with pollution are sufficiently old, green technology could be a comparatively new plan. It’s currently turning into the additional standard as a result of this people began to understand that we are destroying our planet.

Green technology has become one of the quickest growing sectors of employment. And since it’s become essential to shield our planet, green technology is unquestionably way more than a trend that can pass presently.

What will green Technology Include?

Green technology consists of a range of activities. It includes some straightforward tasks that anyone may perform at your home. Some extremely specialized systems also are enclosed within the vary of green technology.

Here are some activities that facilitate shielding our planet and our future on that.


Our planet is currently buried with trash which cannot merely disappear. Utilization of the objects fabricated from paper, glass, metal, and plastic permits the usage of the same constant materials over and over. This helps in the prevention of natural resources.

Using Renewable Energy Sources and different Fuels

Our kind is actively engaged in the exhaustion of fossil fuels. So, we’d like to desperately notice another. green technology aims the active use of renewable resources – daylight, water, and wind through star panels, dams, geothermic wells wind turbines.

Sustainable Building

Because of the quick increase in the global population, the necessity for the house is conjointly growing. that’s why several steps were taken for the development of innovative, “green” buildings. one among the most ways for this is often locating the building properly in keeping with daylight. Also, recycled and environmentally friendly materials are being employed. though any variety of buildings causes some harm to the atmosphere, properly building the house will considerably cut back the negative impacts.

Green Technology refers to product, instrumentation or systems

which satisfy the subsequent criteria:

a) It minimizes the degradation of the environment;

b) it’s zero or low gas (GHG) emission is safe

for use and promotes a healthy and improved atmosphere

for all kinds of life;

c) It conserves the utilization of energy and natural resources;

d) It promotes the utilization of renewable resources.

Primary Goals of Green TECHNOLOGY

There can be a lot of green technology goals. to fulfill the requirements of society in ways in which while not damaging or depleting natural resources on earth. That is the main objective of green technology. The idea is to fulfill present desires while not creating any compromises.

i) Energy Sector: Application of green technology in power generation and energy provide management, together with cogeneration (co-generation) within the industrial and commercial sectors, and Sector Energy Consumption Application of green technology altogether sectors of energy consumption and energy demand management programs.

ii) Building Sector: Adoption of green technology within the construction, management, maintenance and destroying of buildings

iii) Water and Waste Management Sector: Adoption of green Technology within the management and use of water resources, sewer water treatment, solid waste lowland

iv) Transport Sector: Incorporation of green Technology in the transportation infrastructure and vehicles, in particular, bio-fuels and public road transport.


1. doesn’t emit something harmful into the air

2. It will bring economic edges to bound areas.

3. needs less maintenance thus you don’t need to

a lot of cash to work it

4. Renewable which suggests we are going to never run out.

5. will slow the results of worldwide warming by reducing greenhouse emission.

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