What is Intelligent Process Automation?

What is Intelligent Process Automation? 1

In many ways, intelligent process automation is less of a singular entity and more like a combination of technologies and methods. Intelligent process automation is a smaller fraction of the global workspace’s move toward increased automation as a whole. Since automation frequently promises cost savings, efficiency gains, and general workflow improvements, worldwide users can easily spot its value.

If you want to understand how intelligent process automation can provide value or help brands leverage technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation, here’s what you need to know.

Intelligent Process Automation Basics

At its core, what is intelligent process automation? Well, as mentioned, it’s a collection of technologies and processes. However, two components of this collection stand out: digital process automation and robotic process automation. Artificial intelligence also plays a major role in intelligent automation.

Digital process automation is a framework that enables you to build business value by managing how unstructured data flows across an organization and makes it easier for you to spot potential improvements. This also empowers agile changes in response to insights garnered from your unstructured data. In a sense, digital process automation’s primary function is to provide additional agility and insight for each business process.

Both DPA and RPA technology are important for an IPA tool to function properly. Compared to that, RPA technology focuses on speed and efficiency. Since many human workers regularly handle repetitive tasks, using an RPA tool can help streamline manual tasks. Common tasks include data entry and migration from one system to another. This is great for simple processes and can benefit the customer experience.

AI can enhance intelligent process automation.

Many automation technologies excel at navigating repetitive processes with ease. However, with AI, intelligent process automation technology can also analyze information and big data that humans can’t. Bots can crawl information much more effectively and help you make decisions on complex processes. Some of these AI tools even feature cognitive automation with natural language processing implementation. That means that these bots can intake human language as well as unstructured data. Since software robots have such varied use cases, an IPA solution can tackle many mundane business operations.

With the right intelligent process, automation builds, you can leverage DPA, RPA tools, and AI to make better IPA business predictions, empower data scientists, and streamline business processes. This level of business process automation methodology can impact nearly every facet of a business, from the customer experience to how you use data to make business decisions.

IPA tools are effective for students and business users.

What is Intelligent Process Automation? 2

For a competitive job seeker or an emerging business, IPA tool familiarity can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re getting ready to enter the professional workforce for the first time, being able to showcase IPA tool skills, business process automation mastery, and experience with robots can help you secure employment with a company. In a business scenario, an IPA tool can help grow your bottom line and impact your growth. Plus, there are easy ways to familiarize yourself with IPA tools, concepts, and algorithms while you’re pursuing a degree.

Software leader TIBCO even offers a low-cost IPA software license that gives students a chance to start working with more advanced data science concepts and algorithms while they’re still in school. This can expose college students to machine learning, computer vision, RPA, and cognitive technology. Naturally, this can give students a competitive advantage when applying for roles at top companies and global brands.

Intelligent process automation can impact every facet of your data. From process enhancements to better response times, IPA gives you a chance to more deeply examine your data for valuable insights. Whether you’re a student or a data scientist, IPA is everywhere, and it’s time to embrace it.

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