What is New Features in windows 11?

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What is New Features in windows 11? 1

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25346 :


It has new presence sensor privacy settings and APIs. If you have a device with compatible presence sensors, you can now manage your privacy and block/allow certain apps from accessing these sensors.

Windows 11 [ 22621.1616 & 22624.1616 ] New updates :

This version of windows 11 has the latest update and was recently released on 20th of April , 2023. This updates were released in version of two beta updates.

1 . Windows 11 [ 22624.1616 ] – This version received an additional languages . Danish, English (Ireland), French (Canada), Korean, and Portuguese (Portugal).

 2. Build 22624.1616  has fixed a wide variety of bugs, including one in which the touch keyboard didn’t correctly recognize that a hardware keyboard was available in major cases.

 3. Another in which live captions crashed on first launch due to an issue impacting registry data retrieval.

There are four known issues in this build, including one in which a Shift + right-click on a file or folder is not opening “Show more options.”

Note that if you receive Build 22621.1616, you can check for updates and install 22624.1616, which has the new features and bug fixes.

Is Windows 11 Preview build safe ?

Yes, it’s safe to install Windows 11 preview builds, but you should know a few things. These preview builds are not complete, and they’re still under development, so bugs and errors are expected. You should never install an Insider Preview as your primary operating system .

How better is Windows 11 preview Build compared to Windows 10

The answer to the question, “Is Windows 10 or 11 better?” depends on your unique needs. Windows 10 is a solid operating system that can allow you to work, play, and interact with useful apps. And Windows 11 can help you in the same way, but with enhanced features for gaming and interface layouts.

How many GB is Windows 11 update?

Conclusion. If you’re upgrading directly from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the download size is about 3.5 GB. And, you need to make sure that you have at least 64GB of free space. If you install Windows 11.

Advantages of Windows 11 Preview Build :

  • Beautiful, more consistent design.
  • Great window layout options.
  • Strong video gaming features.
  • Performance-improving features.
  • Runs Android apps.

Conclusion : Hence Windows 11 build, shows a great futuristic updates will less bugs and provides hassle free experience and anyone can easily shift to new windows 11 build as it is free to use and upgrade.

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