What is Open Source in IOT ?

What is Open Source in IOT 2

IoT is opening new avenues and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them. For novice, IoT is simply the network in which all sorts of devices becomes data churners while open source is basically contributing to free software development platforms. Connecting the two dots may seem difficult at first, but the connection is simple. Open source platforms ensure that enterprises focus more on the service provision and better it through various processes, of which IoT seems to take the cake.

Once the connection is made, you can easily take a sneak peek into what open source is doing and how enterprises that use IoT are benefiting from the process. The impacts are there in the big names as well as small start-ups and it is only going to increase as more enterprises are trying to catch the bus.

Smart Grids- a classic example

Most mobile apps that are various service providers are using this way to create an impact in their businesses and they are not shying away from integrating the whole process to ensure that the transformation occurs instead of it being a simple experiment. However, Smart grid has become exemplary in terms of implementing this process and this is worth noting precisely because of the kind of service they provide- electricity.What is Open Source in IOT

Electricity is one of the fundamental needs of human civilization and it will obviously have its peaks and nadirs. In France, it led to irregular production and increased cost which in turn contributed to excess carbon emission. To curb this problem, IoT has been invested in producing smart meters which have reached a whooping 35 million in terms of productions. Customers can now track their usage and understand the shifts leading to a better management of the electricity usage.

Energy management will change forever

Once IoT arrives, your devices will tell you if you are using unnecessary energy or your appliances need maintenance or not. Often, ill-maintained appliances lead to excess energy consumption too. Have you forgotten to switch off an appliance? Maybe IoT enabled devices will allow you to switch it off from another room. Such devices can even show you the list of appliances that are turned on so that you can work at ease.

Hence, energy sector, surprising as it may seem, is working in close collaboration with IT sector to ensure that continuous feedback amplifies the efficiency of the process. In fact, energy sector is investing rapidly into marketing their new methods of energy saving and they are trying to build a network of smart customers.

Retail- another field of importance

Retail is surely experiencing the most immediate impact of such technological marriage in the most tangible manner. IoT allows the enterprises to track shoppers’ movements, their individual choices and rejections, the trendy things and the necessary ones, the inclination towards luxury and the embracing of the quotidian. In short, whatever you do in a retail shop will be recorded and used for bettering the business and service.

So, if you are surprised seeing smart devices waiting for your feedback go ahead and give one. Elimination of human presence also eliminates possible bias and second thoughts which in turn help the customers as the enterprises come up with better infrastructure through revision of feedbacks.

Covering the widest range

The best thing about coming together to these two technologies is that they are given free reign which enables them to innovate at will across all platforms. Open source guarantees easy functionality alongside cost-effective development of the interface which is a must considering the amount of investment one needs to make for a seamless IoT network across the business space.

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