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Social media aggregator Vs Social Media Apps?

Social media aggregator Vs Social Media Apps? 1

Today’s life without social media cannot be imagined. Social media basically refers to all the social networking platforms, networks and messaging applications which serve the purpose of sharing, keeping in touch and virtual socializing. Today you will find it extremely difficult to find a person who does not use social media to connect, post, share and keep in touch. Social networking websites can be used even to promote businesses and brands besides being used to post important messages, share news, connect with old friends and stay in touch with acquaintances.

Everybody knows what social media apps are and they are several in number. They have made the world a smaller place and, they have made it easy to share news and live stories with others across the opposite end of the world. Basically, an application or app is a special kind of software application that is used on mobile devices or smartphones. You will also find web-based applications that can be used on desktops and computers.

These apps are a shortened version of programs that can be used on the go or as handy online tools through browsers provided the user is online for the most recent updates. Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Instagram, telegram and some others help you to connect with your friends and family on the go. You can update others on your friends lists about recent happenings in your life, both personal as well as professional.

Sometimes it becomes quite an ordeal to check for updates on all your social media platforms and in doing so you might be wasting a lot of time. But then if you are like most online social beings, then you should have more than one social media app on your phone. How do you check your feeds, handles and news on all your social media accounts all in one place? Is this even possible?

This has become very much possible with the advent of social media aggregators which are basically tools that allow you to bring posts and updates from all your social media apps and even curate them in one place.

The aggregator simplifies the whole social media process by creating an extremely organised view and list on any particular subject. For example, if you are hosting an event and have a said hashtag for it then your attendees, friends and others might share content with the hashtag on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You could share the content from a single platform but in doing so you could be missing out on some great content.

With a hashtag aggregator, for instance, you can literally bring together the hashtags on all these platforms and present them very highly organised all in one place. Social media aggregators make it easy for you to manage all of your social media platforms or accounts.

Here are the top +10 Social Media Apps you should need to know

Facebook: Facebook or popularly known as “FB” is possibly the world’s largest social networking platform currently used by nearly 1.59 billion users. The networking giant allows you not only to network with friends, family and associates but also use hundreds of FB apps to sell online and promote your business.

Instagram: Instagram or popularly known as “Insta” was initially launched as a social networking platform to promote photos taken on phone camera or any other kind. This app has multiple filters through which you can convert your photos into works of art and share them instantly with others on various networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a messenger service and it has caught the imagination of the internet user ever since it’s launch. It can be installed on mobiles, tablets and other devices and it provides instant connectivity with other users worldwide wherein texts, audios, photos, videos and even contacts can be shared.

Twitter: This social networking app gave an all new meaning to the word “Tweet”. It allows you to share thoughts with others in short text messages comprising a limited number of characters (140 characters) called tweets. Twitter even makes it possible to shop online through the tweets and is great for businesses.

Snapchat: This is a unique image messaging social platform that allows you to connect and share with friends through images and pictures. Through snapchat, you can explore news and even check out live events.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most used professional networking site and is used the world over by all kinds of professionals to connect with different businesses. It is used in 20 different languages and it great to locate and hire ideal candidates for different services.

Pinterest: This is one of the most widely used image sharing and visual bookmarking social media website or app. You can get new ideas for your product, save the changes and be appreciated by others who need similar ideas.

Telegram: A messaging service like WhatsApp used in more than eight languages the world over but with more focus on security and privacy of the messages shared.

Social media aggregator Vs Social Media Apps? 2

Tumblr: This social networking cum microblogging website has been owned by Yahoo since 2013 is used to find and follow things you like. You can post anything from short-form blog to multimedia.

Reddit: This is one unique social media app that allows you to post content and then vote for the same. The movement of the content upwards and downwards is determined by the voting.

Here are the top +10 Social Media Aggregator  Apps you should need to know

HootSuite –This is a multi-social media app which allows you to measure and manage all your social networking accounts on one dashboard. You can connect with people on all your different accounts under this app. You can streamline communications, create workflows and assign messages with clients and collaborators.

Buffer – This is a very intense social development platform. You can share your content and scrutinize how your posts do. Impart easily on LinkedIn accounts, Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can schedule about 100 posts, up to 10 social profiles and connect RSS feeds to buffer. This is a growingly believed social media management platform.

Social Bakers – This is one amongst the most user-friendly of all social media apps. It allows you to manage your Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages and profiles. Their focus is to increase the efficiency of social media. It enables you to keep an eye on your Twitter and Facebook conversations in real time. This app also promotes social marketing and advertising to a great extent.

Sprouter – This is one astounding all in one social media app. It allows you to manage all your social networking accounts in one go. All you need to do is create a profile, link your accounts, search and connect. It allows you to search for contacts across all the apps conveniently. The best part about Sprouter is that it manages your entire social media network and facilitates strong connectivity. Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and much more under this one social media manager app.

Social media aggregator Vs Social Media Apps? 3

Social Network – This is an all in one social media app that gives you access to almost 45 different social media apps. Apart from the convenience and comfort, this saves storage space on your device. It promotes added security by being available only to adults.

FLIT – F as in Facebook, Li as in LinkedIn, T as in Twitter. That explains it all. You can simultaneously manage and add posts and photos on these three networks using this one app. Just one click does the trick.


Hope you understand the difference between social media apps and social media aggregator apps. Social media aggregator apps can really help in managing all your social media platforms and also help you save a lot of time.

If you have any queries, comment below 🙂

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