What is the hype around ChatGPT

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What is the hype around ChatGPT

ChatGPT has been sweeping the internet this week, and for good reason. In less than a week, it has amassed 1 million users. With the help of the OpenAI project, users can request almost any service and get a thoughtful, AI-generated response in return. ChatGPT manages it gracefully and quite accurately, whether it is writing code, simplifying a complex paragraph, or creating a blog post. Below, you would know many of the facts related to the hype around ChatGPT.


What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is nothing but a chatbot that allows visitors to ask questions in their normal language, and the answers are not only found on the internet by artificial intelligence behind it but also deliver in a conversational format. Most significantly, a visitor can then interact with the application in further discussions based on previous responses.

Important Features of ChatGPT

There are some of the important features of ChatGPT that you should check out right below.

  • Simplify Articles and Knowledge with TL;DR

A TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) might not be necessary if you have read this far; however, many expert skimmers could gain from these summaries for longer articles. ChatGPT allows you to get summaries for lengthy articles. This remedy works with the draft-to-publish cycle. For the author, it can be a significant time saver, and for the reader, it can make reading easier.

  • Quickly Perceive the Business You are Selling To

Consider yourself an account manager or BDR/SDR. You are instructed to get in touch with the business after being given its name. You might wonder what this business does and what its difficulties are. With ChatGPT, you can easily locate it and store it for later use in an account profile. ChatGPT allows you to quickly ascertain the main issues faced by businesses in their sector and add a precise account description. Normally, this procedure might take a few hours, but now it only takes a few seconds!

  • The Catch-All

Why not simply integrate ChatGPT into your working environment and let each user determine what is important for their particular use cases? ChatGPT can be a clever assistant that can simplify emails, summarise meeting notes, or write validation rules for admins.

What are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has several shortcomings, which OpenAI is aware of. On their website, they acknowledged that it can occasionally produce false or illogical responses that seem plausible and that it is difficult to address this issue. The model overuses other particular words and phrases while repeatedly stating that it is a language model trained by OpenAI.

Moreover, according to OpenAI, the model occasionally exhibits biased behavior or responds negatively to harmful instructions, despite their best efforts to make it reject inappropriate requests. Although they expect some false negatives and positives, they are currently using the Moderation API to warn users about or forbid particular types of harmful content.

Even more intriguing is how ChatGPT was banned by Stack Overflow. As ChatGPT’s average response accuracy is so low, Stack Overflow claims that the responses it generates are seriously detrimental to both the website and users who are asking or looking for accurate answers.

The main problem is that, even though ChatGPT’s responses frequently contain errors, they seem to be correct and simple to produce. In addition, a lot of users are attempting to write responses using ChatGPT without knowing or driving to make sure the answer is correct before submitting.

In general, ChatGPT is still in its infancy. However, it is still an intriguing AI tool that can answer people’s important questions, explain complicated concepts, or inspire original thought.

Which One is More Reliable – ChatGPT or Google?

The reliability of ChatGPT in comparison to Google has been questioned even though they both are processed similarly. Since Google Search provides all the necessary information for work, assignments, personal matters, dining options, travel inspiration, and many more, it has made people’s lives easier. Have a look at how Google is more reliable than ChatGPT right below.

  • Comparatively, Google is simple to use.
  • Google offers accurate data as compared to ChatGPT.
  • Google search is completely free but it is not with ChatGPT.

Even though there are many limitations of ChatGPT, it is found to be an amazing AI tool in the tech industry. Hence, it is on the hype among the people.

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