What is the Major Platform to create ChatBots

What is the Major Platform to create ChatBots

There are quite a few chatbots nowadays as every single online business platform is employing chatbots to make searching processes more interactive for users. Given the trend, the necessity to develop chatbots is on an all time high. There are two kinds of chatbot platforms- one is a publishing platform while the other is a development platform. The publishing platform is basically the social media or the website in which it is published. Development platform, however, is the application that helps you create a chatbot.

You should know that you require no proper technical knowledge to create a chatbot if you get hold of such a platform. So, as long as you have clear business ideas and know what to give in the inputs, you can create an efficient and well functioning chatbot in no time. These are some of the best platforms for chatbot development-


It is a very useful platform especially for those who are making these bots for Facebook messengers. By providing content cards and sharing them among targeted users, it makes dissemination of information extremely easy. Moreover, you can also gather information through simple forms when users request through the bot. In fact, it provides simple yet interactive conversations with proper answers that serve all sorts of basic purposes.  Because of its free nature, some of the biggest names like Adidas, British Airways and MTV have been using this platform. However, once your conversation number exceeds 0.1 million in a month, you need to buy the premium platform.What is Major Platform to create ChatBots


This is another widely popular platform for Facebook messenger chatbot developing. It has similar features as that of Chatfuel, but has additional extensions. Unlike Chatfuel, it is not so easy to use since the extensions like Smart AI, plugin, analytics integration etc. So, if you don’t possess the technical excellence, it may become difficult to use this platform. However, you can take over from a chatbot to intervene more meaningfully as a human at any point while using this platform.  If you want to employ more than one chatbot, you have to pay.

Flow XO

Flow XO comes with a visual editor and it allows the developers to create multiple bots for various platforms as necessary. For each platform, you get a standard template so that you can develop quickly. Unlike the other ones, its number of conversations allowed is limited too. Moreover, the features that it provides are more dedicated to technical developers than business people.

Beep Boop

This is a platform that focuses towards advanced chatbot developing by providing developer experience on an end-to-end basis. These bots are easy to discover and also, the developers take care of everything while the user focuses on making it business-friendly. So, once you set up the code and host the code to transfer it to the platform, it ensures a fantastic real-time chatting experience.


It is another example of a platform for chatbot development that allows multiple publishing platforms. It is tailor-made for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but also works well if you are using it in your website. In fact, you can collect data from other platforms like WordPress or Wikipedia too if you want to enrich your bot.

It is a platform that supports messenger, Smooch, Slack or even your website. You can train it to converse properly through flowcharts by giving inputs to all kinds of possible queries. Then, just connect with any messaging app supported by the platform and the chatbot will work wonderfully.


This platform offers ready-made chatbots that can provide food business support, simple customer support and e-commerce chatting. So, depending on your need, you can select the chatbot, add your information and possible Q&A and you need to do no further development.  You can check out the basic FAQ section prepared for each division too and then start adding your own. Being extremely simple and predefined, it is perfectly suitable for all sorts of small businesses that cannot afford developers specifically for this purpose.

QnA maker

This chatbot platform is the contribution of Microsoft to this growing frenzy. The platform is specifically designed to answer questions. All you need to do is to share the FAQ page URL and the chatbot will assimilate them all within minutes to support the necessary users. Microsoft also allows the integration of its cognitive services so that the Chatbot can perform acts like hearing, interpreting and even seeing. So, it has all the room for development.


It is more like a toolkit meant for building chatbots. It supports various platforms like messenger, Slack and many more. It can be used to produce chatbots that can engage you in short yet clever conversations that will give your chatbot a more human like feel. Plug-ins and core library are included to ensure further enhancements.


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