What is vertical Intelligence, and how does it help business AI?

What is vertical Intelligence, and how does it help business AI

In the modern era, data generated from employees, clients, and customers is nothing less than a backbone. The problem is that most businesses simply tuck their data into a corner of no use. The nightmare only pops when the companies undergo audits. Not just that, an improper data ecosystem and unusable models can only stagnate the insights that could turn data into the best outcome. And that’s precisely where you need a solution. Vertical Intelligence is beyond the latest trending news, helping businesses solve problems with AI. What about it? Keep scrolling. 

Vertical Intelligence Know how

Essentially, it involves integrating the skills of humans and big data analytics in a coordinated manner for a successful outcome.

The human skills here are all about how capable their intelligence works in favor of saving some money and increasing the business income. On the other hand, big data involves analyzing large, complex data sets (structured, semi-structured, and unstructured) originating from various sources and ranging in size. 

But why does such an advanced model need human intervention, unlike AI, where most of the processes are automated? That’s because Vertical Intelligence goes far beyond deploying models. Vertical Intelligence helps organizations win by giving them a competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and crowded market. 

How does Vertical Intelligence help business AI?

Using vertical intelligence, you can leverage industry-specific technology to drive business growth utilizing your existing infrastructure, staff, and expertise. What? How’s that even possible? Vertical intelligence is fueled by numerous industry reports and geo-economical data covering thousands of regions at a granular level. 

Using this data stack, you can navigate, leverage, and customize the research, data, and resources to fit a wide range of use cases. You can get digestible content that gives insights into solving problems and making informed business decisions. Effective call preparation, targeted sales tactics, and risk mitigation strategies for financial service representatives are the add-ons that come with these solutions. So, not just utilizing the data for more significant business development but also helping to heal the cracks in between. But, here comes the flip side details. Not the cons, really, but things that businesses need to be aware of. 

It’s important to remember that vertical solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on software and hiring a team of programmers to customize it for your company, vertical intelligence offers bespoke solutions and data management tailored to your specific industry.

A vertical intelligence solution can benefit any organization with an actionable data stream. When solving complex business problems with Vertical Intelligence, a more human-like approach is taken. We can emulate human intelligence’s capability to the best level using algorithms that mimic human intelligence features. It will save time and allow human brains to focus on creative aspects of business development. 

Technology networks can benefit from Vertical Intelligence because it brings process automation, data science software, predictive & prescriptive analytics, and propensity modeling under one roof. And it also helps organizations optimize processes, augment workforces, and review processes. But all of this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many VI solution firms helping businesses create wonders. In light of its very early development stage, perhaps a better term would be “incubating” to grip the tech-savvy world. But the choice isn’t really optional out there.  

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