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What is YouTube Red? and its features

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Youtube is the most extensive collection of videos. It is like a sea, which has both weeds and corals. Some of which are great shows, and series but are filled with ads, and there are other problems too with free Youtube. In this scenario comes Youtube Red. A subscription-based service, which promises to enhance Youtube experience. Users most know, that unlike Apple music or Spotify it is not a music streaming service.

YouTube Red comes with a lot of exciting features. Though it is not a dedicated music streaming service, yet Youtube Red is touted to be Spotify’s rival. The following features justify this too.


Youtube Red has been priced at $ 10 per month from Google. Though, if you subscribe it from iOS’s App Store, you will have to lose $ 3 extra. You can either buy it on your windows computer, for $ 10 and then log in through your iOS device, thus saving $3. The pricing is similar to Spotify and Apple music.

2 Youtube Ad-free

One of the problems with Youtube remains its ads. These ads are video ads, or banner ads are intolerable. With Youtube Red subscription, all ads are removed. Ad-free extends to all platforms be it desktop browser or mobile app and even to Youtube Music app. Even AdFree Modified version of YouTube also available to download from XDA Forums. It is named YouTube Vanced Edition which is intended to watch all videos without any advertisements. Most of the features are similar to YouTube Red.

3 Watch Originals

Youtube Red being a paid subscription brings a lot of Youtube Red original contents. It includes shows and series of all types, be it Comedy, Drama, Continuations, Animations, Miniseries, Reality shows and also include original films, like documentaries, Drama films, and even comedies. Some big youtube production names are working on it like Poppy, PewDiePie, the Paul Brothers, etc.

4 Background Play on Smartphone

Perhaps, YouTube with background play had been way cooler, but the ads had disappointed us. So, with YouTube Red subscription, you can lock your phone, or use another app and play Youtube in the background. This is great for listening to a podcast, or curated playlists or just a beautiful cover song which is only available on YouTube.

5 Google Play music addition

Google play music is Google’s Spotify and Apple music rival. The best thing about Youtube Red subscription is an additional subscription of Google Play Music. Play music has a collection of over 30 million songs, and even if you fail to search a song here, you can get it on YouTube Red! And, the best is that both come at $ 10 at the price of a single Music subscription service like Spotify!

6 Offline Videos

With Youtube Red, you can download any video content, or audio content on Google play music easily. It helps those who lack unlimited data plans or travel a lot. Just download your favorite tracks and series, and you can watch them offline.

Youtube Red is an excellent service; the features say that. Currently YouTube Red is available in USA & UK. It is being expected to be adopted as YouTube Premium, and it will then be launched worldwide. If you are going for an online Music streaming service, go for Youtube Red.

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