What Makes a Good B2B Business Website?

By Srikanth
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What Makes a Good B2B Business Website? 1

Let’s face it, a majority of B2B consumers do not make impulse purchases. This is because B2B buyers take on greater risks in comparison to their B2C counterparts. Thus, there is a need for websites and content that will command attention among B2B clients.


Long gone are the days where B2B websites were static brochures. If you are in this type of consumer trade, your website is the best salesperson that you can have. There is nothing better than a sales-ready website that drives customer engagement.

As the B2C sector has set the bar high when it comes to creating good customer rapport, the B2B sector is also striving to catch up. The first step is the introduction of well-designed, immersive websites. Whether you are a new business owner or are simply looking for manufacturing website design examples, here are the top attributes that make a good B2B business website:

A value design

Good website design is as important as the website itself. It is first on the list of the best website attributes because of two things; your website is the gateway to your business and you are striving to create a great first impression. Because of these two factors, you want your website design to be interesting and inspiring. A clean and crisp design will easily convert more leads to buyers in comparison to a poorly designed, cluttered website. While there are many design quirks, it is best to focus on a purposeful design that is both attractive and impactful.

A mobile-ready design

The best manufacturing website design examples will prove that mobile-ready is the way to go. According to statistics, over 70 percent of B2B searches will be made using smartphones in 2020 and beyond. There is no better time to make the transition. Imagine being a busy business owner who needs quick information between meetings, would you jump on your smartphone or find your laptop, plug it in then connect to the internet? Needless to say, the smartphone is the best solution for a person who is looking for quick information. As such, your website should be mobile-friendly.

A clear funnel

Your B2B business website should be as clear as day. Whenever your visitors land on it, they should be clear on the next steps that should be taken. They should not have a hard time locating the different categories or the ‘help’ section. Also, the website should not contain clutter. Instead, visitors should find it easy to maneuver through the website. The most important parts of the site should also be easy to spot. When your sales funnel is clear, then lead conversion becomes easy.

Excellent content

Someone once said that content is king. Believe it or not, the content that you create can make or break your brand. When there is no level of engagement or nothing that can create a connection between your audience and your brand, it will be impossible to enjoy conversion. Research proves that up to 67 percent of consumers read the content before making a buying decision. Even so, content is much more than a well-written article. It is the combination of videos, images, and Infographics that have been presented in ways that diverse buyers will enjoy. For this part of your website to be impactful, you will be required to meet your audience at their point of needs through your content.

Videos and beautiful images

The right videos and images are vital on any B2B website. 90 percent of consumers believe that an image or product would nudge them to make a purchasing decision. Both videos and images are the fastest way to get any message across. They are especially perfect for use on social media platforms. After all, a majority of people prefer to share videos and illustrations in comparison to written words. However, it is important to use brand-specific, relevant and timeless images or videos. When writing content, it is also wise to add a few images as this will keep the readers interested for long periods of time.

A combination of these features will make your B2B business website one to behold. Once you have created your website using these attributes, continuous improvement is the key to making it successful. Consistent change is the difference between an attractive website and one that is simply mediocre. Also, it is best to understand your audience and what they want. This way, you will give them a clear path on exactly where they should go when they get to your website.

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