What Qualities to Look For in an IT Manager

By Sony T
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What Qualities to Look For in an IT Manager 1

The IT (Information Technology) team is the backbone of any organization. Without the IT department, the entire office would become lost and confused — does anyone apart from the tech folks actually know how to connect to the cloud? Could you even imagine if you accidentally deleted part of the annual report if someone in IT wasn’t around to retrieve it from the server?


It’s safe to say that the tech-savvy people in the office are of utmost importance. They also regularly interact with everyone there, from the interns fetching coffees to the president residing in their large corner office. The IT team must not only display wizardry on the computer, but they must also be personable and approachable. Do you have an open managerial position in the IT department? Check out our list of traits to look for during the interview process.

Outstanding Tech Knowledge

There’s no doubt that the most important skill to have in this industry is working a computer. Your candidate must be aware of current technology trends, coding, and know how to troubleshoot any technological situation. The best candidate will demonstrate how they adapt to ongoing technology trends smoothly and with confidence. You’ll also want to hear about past roles and how they approached and resolved challenges.

Excellent Communication Skills

The IT team spends a lot of time with their heads in front of a computer screen, but they also regularly assist the entire office with technological issues. The right IT manager will know how to utilize effective written and verbal communication skills. Sometimes the IT team will send company-wide emails regarding system updates or general technology issues.

Ask for writing samples to gain a better sense of how they communicate in emails, and role-play a one-on-one troubleshooting scenario. Watch for concise instructions, empathetic responses, and interpersonal skills.

Capable of Delegating Tasks

Managing an IT team takes a lot of responsibility and it’s not an easy job by any means. One person can’t tackle everything without help. Ensure that your manager exudes leadership and confidence skills. They make critical decisions for the company every single day, so you’ll want to feel good knowing that such judgment calls are in capable hands.

They Work Well Under Pressure

Everyone knows how stressful computer malfunctions can be, particularly when others depend on you to fix them. The IT manager feels that type of anxiety every day when they’re at work. Make sure your candidate knows how to remain relaxed so they can work quickly and calmly.

Work With the Experts

Did you know that you can hire better talent with IT recruiters for your upcoming job opening? Save yourself the hassle of sifting through resumes and sitting in on interviews and have an expert do it for you.

Find a recruitment agency specializing in IT because you’ll know they’re up to speed with current trends and know what qualities to look for in employees. They’ll search through their exclusive talent pool and make sure that you get the perfect manager for your organization.

The IT manager holds the entire company together with their tech knowledge and relevant skillset. By working with a hiring expert and looking for the qualities outlined above, your company will soar to new and exciting heights.

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